INTBAU Nigeria Competition: Abuja Design Contest

Nigerian Architecture Contest, INTBAU Nigeria Design Competition, Abuja Building

INTBAU Nigeria Competition : Abuja Design Contest

Nigerian Design Competition

18 + 15 Dec 2012

Nigerian Architectural Competition

International Architectural Competition in Abuja, Nigeria



15 Mar 2013 – submission deadline

The Original Green is the sustainbility our ancestors knew by heart. Keeping things going in a healthy way long into an uncertain future. Sustainable places should be nourishable because if you cannot eat there, you cannot live there. They should be accessible because we need many ways to get around, especially walking and biking because those methods do not require fuel. They should be serviceable because we need to be able to get basic services of life within walking distance. We should be able to make a living where we are living if we choose to. They should be securable against rough spots in an uncertain future because if there is too much fear, the people will leave. Sustainble buildings should be lovable, if they cannot be loved, they will not last. They should be durable because if they cannot endure they are not sustainble. They should be flexible because if they endure, they will need to be useful for many uses over the centuries. They should be frugal because energy and resource hogs cannot be sustained in a healthy way long into an uncertain future.

Stephen A. Mouzon
The Original Green
[Unlocking the Mystery of True Sustainbility]

Emerging Ghana Affordable Housing:
NigerianArchitecture Competition
image from competition organisers


The International Architectural Competition is a collaboration project between the Federal Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development, Abuja (The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria) and INTBAU Nigeria that aims to develop a sustainable housing programme for the urban poor.
The main aims of the Sustainable Housing Programme are:

1. To promote various types of public-private partnerships – of the government sector with the private sector, the cooperative sector, the financial services sector, the state parastatals, urban local bodies, etc. – for realizing the goal of affordable housing for all.
2. To provide a major stimulus to economic activities through affordable housing for employment creation, especially for the urban poor who are among the most vulnerable groups in society.
3. To target the creation of demand for a large variety of industrial goods through the multiplier effect of housing on other economic activities.
4. To encourage the government to make provision for land to meet the acute shortage of affordable housing.
5. To help in realising equitable supply of land, shelter and related services at affordable prices to all sections of society, and thereby to prevent the growth of slums in urban areas.
6. To find a winning design that will be implemented on the proposed site, pending the competition organisers’ generation of the requisite funds.

Proposals will be accepted from architectural firms, architects and students (only as a design unit from the same university). 3 entries will be shortlisted for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

The winning team will work with INTBAU Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Housing on the implementation of the project.

The 10 best submissions will be awarded an Honorary Mention and exhibited during INTBAU Nigeria’s conference on 20-21 July 2013.


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. It is located at the centre of Nigeria and was designated the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in 1976. Abuja is a planned city, and was built mainly in the 1980s. The Federal Government and President relocated to Abuja on 12 December 1991, replacing Lagos, which is still the country’s most populous city. Between 2006 – 2012 Abuja has witnessed a huge influx of people into the city which has led to the emergence of satellite towns such as Gwagwalada, Lugbe, Kuje and smaller settlements towards which the planned city is sprawling.


The Kuje Demonstration Site for the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development has been planned for ‘affordable’ housing prototypes which can be seen on the map below (as clusters). The initial plan created by the ministry encompasses a variety of services such as corner shops, commercial shops, a health centre, a place of worship, a school and a police post, which will add to the sustainability of the housing estate. At present, construction of the housing clusters has already begun by several developers. However, during the assessment of the site, it was found that none of the housing types can be termed ‘sustainable’.

Key Dates:
Deadline for Submission of Drawings: Friday 15th March 2013
Review of Drawings: Friday 1st April 2013

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Location:Abuja, Nigeria

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