24H COMPETITION 2015, Architecture Contest Moon, 7th Edition, Space Exploration

24H COMPETITION 7th edition

Moon Architectural Contest – Lunar Architecture Design: Conquest of Space

13 Jul 2015


24H COMPETITION 7th edition

A few years ago only a fool would dare to think of space exploration. We could limit ourselves to contemplate it from the earth, look up, and dreaming. The truth is that this madness is close to cross the border into a reality ever closer. The conquest of space has always been in the human horizon, is in our nature, this need for discovery the unknown , the search for answers or just adventure. This endless search for the correct answer will always incomplete and unfinished full of doubts and uncertainties.

24H COMPETITION 7th edition - Moon Architecture Competition

On October 4th 1957 it launched the first artificial satellite into space, Sputnik 1.
This had a profound impact on what would be the race to space in the years that followed.
On the one hand it proved that it was possible to place in Earth orbit a human artifact, and on the other it is possible to put a man into space.
One month after of the launch of Sputnik 1, the 1st living being is launched into space aboard Sputnik 2. Laika, a Russian dog.

July 20, 1069, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” Neil Armstrong

24H COMPETITION 7th edition - Moon Architectural Contest

Regular registration period from June 11 to July 14 at 23:59 – Fee € 15

Late period of registration from July 15 to July 18 at 12:00 (noon) – Fee € 20

Publication of winners and honorable mentions at if-ideasforward.com on August 04

the competition date: July 18 to July 19


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Antarctica Design Competition

10 Nov 2014

24H COMPETITION 2nd edition

24H COMPETITION 2nd edition Winners

1st place:
1 - ID0001000
ID0001000 – Team: Filip Radu, Alexandru Arama, Razvan Alexandru Paunescu, Petru Alexandru Truica, Emanuel Budaies
City – Bucharest
Country – Romania

2nd place:
2 - ID000760
ID000760 – Team: Inês Afonso, Gonçalo Santos, João Manso, José Moniz, Renato Franco
City – Lisboa
Country – Portugal

3rd place:
3 - ID000240
ID000240 – Team: Sebastiano Caruso, Gabriele Convertino
City – Avola
Country – Italy

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