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vivo Headquarters in Dongguan City

Chinese Commercial Office Space design by China Architecture Design & Research Group / CCD

25 Oct 2019

Design: China Architecture Design & Research Group with CCD

Location: Binhai New Area, Changan, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Photos by Qilin Zhang

Design Concept

Unity of Design: Nest of Hope, Light of Technology

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

vivo Headquarters Dongguan City, Guangdong

The core value of vivo is “fun, vitality, innovative technology”, and its core value runs throughout the design. From a distance, the complex looks very beautiful and even the inside looks more beautiful.

The architectural design intended to bring the latest office experience to the global enterprise of vivo, and provide employees with a comfortable office space. When CCD first saw headquarters of vivo, this nest-like building is astounding. Therefore, CCD put forward the design concept of “the nest of hope, the light of technology”, hoping that employees of vivo will enjoy the fun elements and interactive space in the nest and to invent creative technological products.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

The vivo industrial park is massive area is composed of several buildings connects with bridges. The main body of the project is an oval-shaped, seven-story large-scale building that is located close to the main entrance with turbulent water outside and green grass. The building itself uses cement, black steel and wood grain aluminum as the main material, coupled with a circular impact of visual impact, so that the site exudes a unique industrial style of the atmosphere. The interior design continues the selection of the building and enlarges the proportion of the wood to make the nest warmer. Then add lively colors to provide a more comfortable and relaxing indoor environment for vivo’s employees.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

The interior space also incorporates a number of oval elements as to make the transition from outside to inside smoother. The start of the design motion is also the entrance to the ‘Nest of Hope’ – the lobby. CCD introduced the flowing water into the space, which would not only strengthen the shape of the ‘folding fan’ in the space, but also solve the problem of the lobby being too large. The oval-shaped waterscape facing the entrance echoes with the enlarged upper and lower atrium, and the white spiral staircase suspended by the steel cable connects the upper and lower spaces. Such a strong combination forms an eye-catching spatial focus, and the service desk and leisure area are scattered around the visual center to form a more lively design.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

Behind the lobby is the meeting room and conference hall. The meeting room on the first floor is mainly for the reception of small group visitors. The room size is small but the number of rooms is large. The design of the flow is more flexible, so that the rooms are more accessible, and people can get more natural light. The conference hall on the second floor is mainly for the reception of large and medium-sized group visitors. The room size is large and the number of rooms is relatively fewer, which is designed in a traditional design flow.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

The walls of these two areas are mainly wood veneer and soft coating, and the flooring is carpet for quiet and silent sound. In addition, some of the walls are covered with white lacquered glass, which can be flexible for the use of discussion and writing, taking into account the various possibilities of character activities and space design. The design of the area around the atrium more feels like home as to bring comfort and to create a more welcoming atmosphere to the visitors.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

As a tech-firm, the interior of the space also not only designed to showcase employees some recent office technology, there are also a number of living quarters and recreational places designed where employees would be able to utilize these interactive spaces to give birth to new products.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

Three to seven floors are the main office, which is also the core of the nest, and therefore the interior design incorporates a number of fun elements, between the lower floors and the upper floors, the CCD specially designs the atrium that is connected by stairs as to make the movement between more flexible. The lively leisure discussion space surrounds the atrium, which brings fun to the space, breaks the regular rule of office design, and serves as the visual focal point. The interior workspaces have plenty of natural lighting, providing a light and spacious feel.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

In considering of employees’ mental health, the vivo industrial park also includes a significant amount of outdoor space and rooms for recreational activities as to keep employees fit and healthy both physically and mentally. The rooftop area offers employees relaxing space either to take a break or work in a more natural environment with their coworkers.

The entire vivo industrial park is like a huge home. In the building adjacent to the main office, there is a coffee area, a fitness area, a cafeteria, and also a basketball court on the first floor. Therefore, as that building is more for recreational use, CCD extends the design in a more natural direction, which is more in line with the functional requirements. The landscape of the coffee area is like a bird walking in the grass; the wood grain ceiling is like a branch of a bird’s nest, and the big tree on the inner platform is bathed with sunlight under the three-story skylight, adding a natural atmosphere. Beyond that, the vivo headquarters also has a significant amount of area for recreational activities such as sports, gym, yoga and reading room.

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

vivo Headquarters Dongguan City – Building Information

Project Name: vivo Headquarters in Dongguan
Interior Design: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK) (
Architecture Design: China Architecture Design & Research Group
Project Location: Binhai New Area, Changan, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Project Category: Commercial Office
Project size: 12000 m2
Completion Date: May 2019

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan

Photographer: Qilin Zhang

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