Vanke Qingdao Business Park building, Chinese mixed-use complex design, Chengyang Architecture photos

Vanke Qingdao Business Park Building News

19 Aug 2022

Vanke Qingdao Business Park Building Design

Design: CLOU architects

Location: Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

Vanke Qingdao Business Park Building Design

Photos by Wu Qingshan

Vanke Qingdao Business Park, China

Qingdao Vanke Business Park located in Chengyang District has been developed by Vanke as a hub for innovative businesses. The park’s latest addition is a colourful stepped mixed-use complex designed by CLOU.

Vanke Qingdao Business Park building, Chinese mixed-use complex design, Chengyang

Accommodating a bookstore, a small city hall and retail spaces provide exciting meeting places for cross-cultural communications. The design reflects CLOU’s ongoing exploration of stepped architecture and office and commercial design integration.

Vanke Qingdao Business Park building, Chinese mixed-use complex design, Chengyang

Sculpted Architecture with Stepped Terraces

The design responds to the predominately small and medium-sized companies and young creative retailers in the office park. Opening what would traditionally be a closed building, the architects created exciting paths of exploration and vibrant social spaces.

Vanke Qingdao Business Park building, Chinese mixed-use complex design, Chengyang

CLOU has carved the 10,000 sqm massing into a sculptural form with stepped terraces for a proposal that shifts character from different viewpoints.

Vanke Qingdao Business Park Building Design

The human-scale terraces become an extension of the office areas. Varying semi-private spaces are curated into a series of vertical landscapes with the flexibility to host creative outdoor events.

The volumetric form resembles stepped boxes paired with geometric windows and expresses a rational beauty. The façade design plays with shades of pinks and silver, which, from a distance, creates a luminous effect that animates as one approach.

Vanke Qingdao Business Park Building Design

Vanke Qingdao Business Park, Shandong, China – Building Information

Project Name: Vanke Qingdao Business Park
Program: commercial, office
Location: Qingdao, China
Area: 10,000 sqm
Status: Completion in 2020

Architecture Design: CLOU architects
Design Team: Jan Clostermann, Wenhui Lu, Tait Kaplan, Tiago Tavares, Xiaomeng Su, Dongfang Xie, Yaxi Wang
LDI: Beijing Architectural Design Institute of China Construction Corporation
Façade Consultant: Huaming Design Group

Photography: Wu Qingshan

Vanke Qingdao Business Park building, Chinese mixed-use complex design, Chengyang


CLOU is an award-winning international design studio with multidisciplinary expertise in master planning, architecture, interiors, and landscapes. The team design their projects on a variety of scales around community connectors and social spaces.

At CLOU, a team of more than 65 experienced architects from China and all over the world enjoy working collaboratively and imaginatively on a wide range of projects. Clients include retail and mixed-use developers, residential investors, hotel operators, and governmental and educational institutions. Across design and implementation, CLOU architects strive to create projects that positively influence the people involved in the making, the immediate and extended environment, and the communities that occupy and inhabit them.

Vanke Qingdao Business Park Building Design

Jan Clostermann

Jan Clostermann is the Principal of CLOU and an award-winning architect with 20 years of international experience. Following his architectural studies at the Technical University in Berlin, Jan received his Diploma in 2001 from the Architectural Association in London.

Before founding CLOU in 2015, Jan collaborated with a Stirling Prize-winning practice from their studios in London, Rotterdam, and Singapore, later leading their Shanghai and Beijing offices, and had the opportunity to realize a broad range of projects worldwide.

Since his move to Beijing in 2005, he has conceptualized and delivered numerous high-profile mixed-use and retail projects, as well as masterplans and interiors.

Jan enjoys working on bespoke and integrated design solutions, striving to distil innovative architectural typologies that centre around social value.


CLOU architects
Telephone: +86 10 8527 0095
Address: Sanlitun SOHO Tower C Unit 1702
8 Gongti North Road Chaoyang District Beijing 100027
Instagram/twitter: @clouarchitects
WeChat: CLOU architects (Scan QR Code)
Weibo: CLOUarchitects

Vanke Qingdao Business Park, Shandong Province images / information received 190822 from CLOU architects

Location: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

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