Hezi Spa Club, Wuxi, Jiangsu Building Interior, Chinese Health Leisure Architecture Images

Hezi Spa Club in Jiangsu

20 Dec 2021

Interior Architects: S5 design

Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi Jiangsu

Photos by Yiwen Xu, 3wt Architectural & Space Photograph – Chaofan Kang

Hezi Spa Club

Daniel Fan, one of the designers and co-founder of S5 Design, designed Hezi SPA club with minimalism, which locates in Wuxi.

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi Jiangsu

Hezi Spa Club closely relates to “water”. The designer can easily generate “water” where there is no water, and “borrow” the permeability and ripple of water through textured acrylic. The ripples on the lamp seem to have just rained and fallen on the lampshade. The translucent screen in the lobby is like water vapor condensing into the fog in the mountains, blocking the main entrance and shoe changing area. The patterns on them are faint like moss and distant mountains.

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi

Water-drop-shaped art sculptures in the lobby show the deep connection between the club and “water”, carrying the founder’s treasure and respect for nature. The designer creates the atmosphere of “ink waterfall on stone” with ink marbles and ink texture wallpapers.

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi

Cold light and warm light are used in the same scene at the same time, making the whole space dignified and elegant. The superposition of glass and metal curtains makes the outdoor light enter the room more softly. It’s not dazzling and bright enough.

The sunshine in the morning shines into the restaurant. Along with the newly rising appetite, there is the beauty and expectation of “spring is growing”

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi

The roof is simplified, leaving only the lines of positive and vertical ridges to collide. Different ridges add elegance to the simple interior space. The designer divides the space with a large area of color blocks, making the space simple but not simple and regular. The details add a little artistic and life flavor with patterns or arcs.

In the restaurant and lobby, the designer abstracts the partition into a “frame”. The straight lines are applied to different materials and objects, and the most likely messy space becomes orderly.

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi Jiangsu

The 2-person spa room is equipped with an island-independent bathtub. The grooming space and massage bed are separated by a wooden door, which is very relaxed. The small space is calm and stable.

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi

In addition, there is a footbath audio-visual room in the health museum. The room is divided into three steps, and the side face is decorated with a large wooden fence. The whole feels like a small cinema.

The designer expresses the modern Chinese style in the design language, which is the accumulation of profound knowledge of Oriental Aesthetics and endows the architecture with landscape meaning.

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi

Hezi Spa Club, Wuxi Jiangsu, China – Building Information

Project Address: Wuxi, China
Completion Time: 2021.09
Project Area: Interior 2718 ㎡,Garden 412 ㎡
Interior Design: S5 design
Decoration Design: Zhiji furnishing Design
Design Director: Daniel Fan
Design Team: Mingshuai Li, Qinghe Kang, Tianyang Zhou

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi Jiangsu

Daniel Fan
S5 Design Founding Partner/ Director
Daniel Fan, who focuses on commercial space design, has systematic research on chain catering space. In his opinion, chain catering space design is a systematic problem-solving process across the boundaries of professional types. Under the background of consumption upgrading, aesthetic iteration, and product homogenization, interior designers must have innovative thinking and constantly update and reconstruct multi-dimensional design strategies. S5design was founded by Daniel Fan, Feng Jiayun, Fei Ning, and Sun Liming in 2003.

Since its establishment, it has been committed to the exploration and practice of commercial space design. S5design is based on business philosophy, design execution, market research, and judgment, constantly reviewing and responding to time, pursuing precision and timeliness, and is obsessed with the international narration of local language and innovation in design methodology. Excellent design innovation ability and professional business space integration ability make the company famous in the industry.

S5 Design
Since its establishment in 2003, S5 Design has been committed to the exploration and practice of commercial space design, constantly reviewing and responding to time in terms of business philosophy, design implementation, market research, and judgment, pursuing precision and timeliness, being obsessed with the international narration of local language in design methodology, and constantly making innovations.

So far, the construction department has presented classic cases in catering, hotel, commercial real estate, leisure, and entertainment, commercial exhibition and other business space and public space, and has made remarkable achievements in many fields, such as old building transformation, model house design, street business planning, cultural theme space, and urban complex concept planning. The excellent design creation ability and professional business space integration and solution ability make the company famous for its brand effect and rank among the domestic cutting-edge commercial design institutions.

Hezi Spa Club Wuxi Jiangsu

Photography Team: Yiwen Xu, 3wt Architectural & Space Photograph- Chaofan Kang

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Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

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Hezi SPA club
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Hezi Spa Club Wuxi Interior Design, China
photography : Yiwen Xu, 3wt Architectural & Space Photograph- Chaofan Kang
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