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DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

Contemporary Office Buildings in China design by Foster + Partners Architects

27 Sep 2022

DJI Opens New Headquarters For Creative Community In The Sky

Design: Foster + Partners

Location: Shenzhen, China

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

Photos courtesy of DJI

DJI Sky City Innovation Hub Building

The Groundbreaking DJI Sky City Innovation Hub In Two Towers Was Designed By Foster + Partners

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, has opened its new company headquarters, DJI Sky City, a cutting-edge innovation hub, matching the company’s philosophy of being a creative community for the skies with groundbreaking architectural structures never before seen in high-rise buildings of this scale. Designed by the world-renowned and award-winning architectural team of Foster + Partners, the two towers – 44 and 40 stories respectively – are set to become a prominent, sustainable new landmark in Shenzhen, China, one of the top ten UNESCO Cities of Design.

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

“Drone technology has changed the way we experience the world around us, while pushing the boundaries of aerial possibilities,” said Lord Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners. “I have enjoyed using DJI products for more than a decade. We are delighted to have partnered with DJI in creating their new headquarters in Shenzhen, which will be the company’s premier center of research and innovation.”

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

The towers unite DJI employees who have been scattered among several Shenzhen buildings during the company’s rapid growth, bringing them into a purpose-built structure that puts physical form to the company’s name, Da-Jiang Innovations (大疆创新, or “Innovation Without Borders” in Mandarin). Across its 200-meter height, Sky City exemplifies how DJI has matured from a flight technology startup to a global innovation leader.

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

Across the towers, the company’s office, research, and development areas are arranged in floating volumes cantilevered from central cores by large megatrusses, giving the impression from the distance as if the buildings were suspended in the air. The first use of an asymmetrical suspension steel structure in high-rise towers of this scale, the innovative structure reduces the need for columns, thus creating uninterrupted working spaces that express “Innovation Without Borders” in architectural terms. The structure also houses drone flight testing labs over four stories – tailored for the company’s first-in-class product development practices – made possible by the unique V-shaped trusses that give the towers a distinctive identity, against the backdrop of Shenzhen’s skyline.

DJI Sky City Innovation Hub Offices

At 105 meters, the towers are connected by a 90-meter-long suspension skybridge, a lightweight element that creates an elegant connection between the two volumes. It serves as a symbol to show how all departments at DJI are linked to reach a common goal.

DJI Sky City Innovation Hub Offices

At ground level, the lifted volumes draw the surrounding greenery into the base of the buildings via a sloping podium garden that is open to the public. The ground floor also features public facilities such as a community healthcare center. In this way, the ground of the building is open and inviting – a gesture of DJI’s respect to the urban context and its contribution to the community.

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

The tower entrances offer the first glimpse of Sky City’s practical, aesthetic, and creative approach to the workplace. Each of the lobbies showcases a black pine surrounded by a Zen garden, set against a striated wall made by the rammed-earth design process. The result is a harmonious combination of hard-pressed geometry and undulating nature, the progress of tomorrow and the roots of the past, complementing each other in peace.

DJI Sky City Innovation Hub Offices

Foster + Partners developed solutions meeting the company’s wish to create a sustainable building. The design of the floorplates maximizes daylight while reducing energy consumption. The innovative TWIN lift system reduces the number of shafts required and increases usable office floor area. Its intelligent control system also allows reduction of energy consumption during off-peak periods. Rainwater is harvested and stored for reuse, and gray water is recycled for irrigation of the landscape – which also buffers rains during monsoon season.

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

“It took us six years to build the new DJI Headquarters, which is the result of the wisdom and determination of DJI and our valued partners,” said Frank Wang, Founder and CEO of DJI. “We see Sky City as a product unlike any we’ve ever made: our real home. At the beginning of a new era for DJI, we pay great attention to the growth and well-being of every employee. This starts with a work environment that is both practical and delightful. I hope that Sky City will inspire all of us to work together and scale new heights of progress, wisdom, and possibilities to develop solutions that benefit society.”

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

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DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub


Global leader in civil drone technology and aerial photography systems

DJI is a global leader in developing and manufacturing civilian drones and aerial imaging technology for personal and professional use. DJI was founded and is run by people with a passion for remote-controlled helicopters and experts in flight-control technology and camera stabilization.

DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub DJI Sky City Shenzhen Innovation Hub

The company is dedicated to making aerial photography and filmmaking equipment and platforms more accessible, reliable and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. DJI’s global operations currently span across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by customers in over 100 countries for applications in filmmaking, construction, emergency response, agriculture, conservation and many other industries.

Foster + Partners

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DJI Sky City Shenzhen, China images / information received 090518

Foster + Partners Architects, London, England, UK

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