Baoneng Centre, Shenzhen, China

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen, South China Building Development Photos, Chinese Interior Architecture Images

Baoneng Centre in Shenzhen, China

9 Mar 2023

Design: Aedas

Location: Shenzhen, China

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen China

Photos: Aedas, CreatAR Images and TAL

Baoneng Centre, China

Sungang district is situated within Shenzhen, China’s economic and technological citadel; and as the former hub for logistics distribution and warehouses, it is in the process of transitioning between tradition and innovation. Aedas reflects and accelerates this transition by adopting innovative and sustainable dimensions for Baoneng Centre, injecting vibrancy to create one of the largest mixed-use live-work-recreate communities to serve the district.

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen China

With a total area of 800,000 square meters, the prismatic complex comprises a 300m tall Grade-A office tower, a 25-storey apartment tower, and an 11-storey podium of 2 retail and exhibition components namely Baoneng First Space and Baoneng Universal Converge. The development revitalises the area by increasing commercial activities.

Baoneng Centre China

In tune of the characteristics of Shenzhen New Town, the contemporary design adopts a neat massing with practicality. Box divisions are used for the architectural language, echoing the urban fabric which is weaved by warehouses.

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen PRC Baoneng Centre Shenzhen PRC

The objective is to take full advantage of the gigantic site and contain a multitude of programs through meticulous planning. “As response to these conditions, we have come up with the idea of an enlivened jewelry box. The concept is apt for its layered form, lending itself to the accommodation of multiple functions; beyond that, the box opening as a metaphor also represents the inviting nature of the development, welcoming visitors coming from near and far,” said Aedas Executive Director Ed Lam.

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen PRC

To render a fluid and expansive circulation, the podium design deploys an interior stacking scheme with inherent linkages, in which pocket breakout punctuate the space, providing visual connection and interactive opportunities between different levels and functions. Similarly, the exterior is split into box divisions, layered and integrated in a sliding form for the purpose of mass breaking as well as creating a 447m-long façade.

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen China Baoneng Centre China

The box divisions are designed uniquely with particular functions and features. The entrance glass boxes from the west and north consists of a 11-storey transparent foyer, creating grandeur entrances that blur the exterior-interior boundaries. The jagged architectural form allows double-height and triple-height shopfronts for high-end flagship stores, which signify the luxury brand images and attract consumers with glistening exterior design.

Baoneng Centre China

Baoneng Centre China

With a long exterior form, the ad box unites all the advertising to build a commercial vibrancy in the city centre. Meanwhile, a multifunctional wall is plastered on the north-west façade; by embedding LED strips along the vertical wooden fins, the feature walls become charged with dynamic capabilities, presenting protean patterns, graphics and lighting effects.

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen PRC

Towards the East is the shopping mall Baoneng First Space, a new live-art experiencing destination that gathers over 260 international high-end furniture brands. It integrates design, living and artistic elements to target designers, influencers and the young generation. Towards the South is another shopping mall Baoneng Universal Converge, which assembles over 130 innovative brands with immersive leisure experience.

Baoneng Centre China

To punctuate the long interior, the design introduces refuel spaces at an 85m interval, as well as feature spaces of various themes such as the WOW zone and exploring paths, serving as diversions and entertainment forshoppers throughout the journey. There are also express escalators, set to allow direct vertical flow of shoppers. “Our goal is to create an amicable and inviting environment for tenants, visitors and nearby communities accompanied by one of the tallest tower in the city,” explained Aedas Executive Director Ed Lam.

Baoneng Centre China Baoneng Centre Shenzhen PRC

“The live-work-recreate community is an open, stunning space that welcomes visitors with a shimmering countenance, in hopes of promoting boundary-pushing mentality from its design.” — Aedas Executive Director Ed Lam.

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen PRC

Baoneng Centre in Shenzhen, China

Architects: Aedas – https://www.aedas.com/

Project: Baoneng Centre
Location: Shenzhen, PRC
Interior Designer, Project & Design Architect: Aedas
Client: Shenzhen Shum Yip Logistics Group Co., Ltd.
Gross Floor Area: 800,000 sqm
Completion Year: 2021
Design Directors: Ed Lam, Executive Director

Baoneng Centre Shenzhen China

Photos credit to Aedas, CreatAR Images and TAL

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Location: Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

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