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Santiago Apartments Building

Las Condes Residences in Chile design by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados

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The Glamis Apartments

Location: Las Condes, Chile

Design: Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados Arquitectos

Bronze Medal : Miami Biennial, Nov 2007

Glamis Apartments Santiago Apartment Santiago Apartments

Glamis Building

The challenge offered by this building was to resolve the theme of apartments with varied programs within a 25’ 7”. frontage. Additionally the Golf neighborhood building code, in this specific case of “remnant site” obliged the building to be restricted to a straight bay, not allowing any element to project forward from the façades.

In view of these two conditions the design proposes the following:
First: the program is resolved mainly in the section, as the apartments are intercalated vertically and horizontally in a spatial interplay, searching for natural light on the basis of set-backs and balconies.

Santiago Apartment Building Santiago Apartments Santiago Apartment

Second: the building sits on the ground by means of two large 98 foot long walls (East and West façades) which contain a series of openings and windows of different sizes that reflect the internal program. At the entrance, the building conforms its urban façade with a system of horizontal windows and a coronation above which frames the entrance.

Third: from a constructive point of view the building is resolved with concrete incorporating titanium dioxide and a system of phenolic molds with 5 inch wide planks, which have been designed and modulated on the basis of the geometry of the windows, sills, beams and walls. The exterior is completely white and all the doors, windows and joinery items are in cedar wood.
Fourth: all the elements of the façades establish a composition of strict correspondence with squares and rectangles in such a way as to ensure that the voids, light, transparency and framing of views give each space its own identity, in the manner of a photographer’s lens.

Santiago Apartment Santiago Apartment Santiago Apartment

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Santiago apartment building : Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados Arquitectos

Santiago apartment building Santiago apartment building Santiago apartment building Santiago apartment building

Glamis Apartments Las Condes – Building Information

Glamis 3296, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Architect: Gonzalo Mardones Viviani
Lot Area: 1.418,83 m2
Build Area: 2.581,84 m2
Owners: 4 Families
Constructor: Bravo Valenzuela
Engineer: Alfonso Larraín Vial

Location: Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, South America

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