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Building Re-Skinning Competition

Retrofit Architecture Contest News – reduce property’s environmental impact

post updated 2 Feb 2021 ; 21 May 2009
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Building Re-Skinning Competition – 2009

The purpose is to advance the state-of-the-art in building retrofitting technologies. The task of re-skinning existing infrastructure to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact is a timely and urgent challenge.

The Building Reskinning Competition is also one of the most exciting opportunities for technological collaboration on a global level.

Before ; After
Building Reskinning Competition Retrofit Building Reskinning Competition

Images by Edward Burtynsky, Canadian Photographer, artist and environmentalist

Building Re-Skinning Competition Dates

The Competition Timeline:

11-12 May 2009: Competition launches

1 Sep 2009: Deadline for submission of designs

30 Sep 2009: Judging completed, 5 finalists selected

31 Mar 2011: Finalist project construction completed

31 Mar 2014: Energy monitoring completed, Z-Prize winner announced

Building Re-Skinning Competition

Building Re-Skinning Contest Criteria

– aesthetics

– energy efficiency

– smart technology

– return on investment

– potential as a solution for large numbers of buildings

The Z-Prize

The winning 5 entries will be monitored for a period of 3 years after completion of the retrofit to examine and compare how they actually perform in practice.

The Z-Prize will be given to the building that has most reduced the energy per square foot, averaged over the 3 years of monitoring.

We hope to make the Z-Prize, the largest prize in the world for Architecture so as to encourage high quality worldwide participation.

Building Competitions : Archive
picture from organisers

World Skyscrapers
Burj Khalifa
photo © Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture


Zerofootprint is a socially responsible enterprise whose mission is to apply technology, design and risk management to the massive reduction of our environmental footprint.

We operate both in the for-profit and charitable domains through two entities, Zerofootprint Software and Zerofootprint Foundation using shared technology.

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Architectural Designs

Current Architecture Designs – architectural selection below:

ING Cedar Bank HQ, Cumulus Park, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Design: Benthem Crouwel Architects and HofmanDujardin
ING Cedar Bank HQ Amsterdam
photo © Jannes Linders
ING Cedar Bank HQ in Cumulus Park
This is the new office for the Netherlands’ largest bank. The transparent and sustainable new home for 2,800 ING employees embodies the client’s new preferred way of working: agile, flexible and innovative, and inspires people to meet, connect and be creative.

Rosengarten Student Residence, Bucheggstrasse, Zürich
Design: ETH Zurich
Rosengarten Student Residence Zurich Switzerland
images courtesy of architects studio
Rosengarten Student Residence in Zürich
The 18 shared housing units offer an affordable place to live tailored to the needs of its 130 student residents. At the same time, the district of Wipkingen will benefit from facilities and services for childcare, commercial space and a public park.

St James Chapel in Castle Hill
Architects: Jackson Teece
Anglicares St James Chapel in Castle Hill NSW
photography : Michael Nicholson
St James Chapel in Castle Hill
The new St James Chapel and Dover Hall built by Lipman is central to Anglicare’s Retirement Living and Aged Care precinct in Castle Hill, has opened. Pinned delicately to the sloped site at four points, it imbues a sense of stillness, calm and strength.

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