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post updated 2 Feb 2021

BRE Sustainable Schools Report

An environmentally friendly BREEAM rating can be achieved at little or no extra cost to schools, a new report claims.

The BRE Trust report ‘Putting a Price on Sustainable Schools’ shows many sustainability measures to get the rating can be implemented at little or no cost.

But it stresses that sustainability must be embedded into the design of the school from the outset.

Report author Anna Surgenor, of BRE Global, said the report dispelled the myth that sustainable initiatives were always more expensive to implement.

She said: “In some cases initial capital costs are higher but procuring a sustainable school can result in significant savings in energy, water bills and other operational costs.”

Copies of the report are priced at £25.00 and available from:

Zero-carbon house development

School Buildings

School Building – Recent Designs

Embelgasse School, Vienna, Austria
Design: AllesWirdGut
Embelgasse School featured on the BRE Sustainable Schools page
image :
Embelgasse School
With its large glass surfaces, the ground floor affords an insight into everyday school life, opening the inside of the block to the street. The outward appearance of the new vocational training school is characterized by openness, transparency, and through views.

School Brug, Belgium
Design: UArchitects + LENS°ASS architecten
School Brug featured on the BRE Sustainable Schools page
picture from architects
School Brug
This design is a round and a special sustainable school with new experience of education and the use of architecture with references to the educational aspects. The design of the surroundings is also made by the architects and is planned in a such a way that the childeren can play in different areas and spaces.

Sustainable Architecture : main page

Sustainable Architecture Report

Scottish Sustainable Building News

School Buildings – Selection

A P Møller School, Germany
Design: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
A P Møller School Schlesvig featured on the BRE Sustainable Schools page
photo : Julian Weyer
A P Møller School
The attractive site, closely associated with the Schlei fjord and the town of Schleswig, is naturally an important factor in the building’s location. The great potential of the surrounding nature and landscape prospects have been included in the planning of the sports and learning park.

Evelyn Grace Academy, London, UK
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Evelyn Grace Academy featured on the BRE Sustainable Schools page
photograph © Adrian Welch
Evelyn Grace Academy
The strategic location of the site within two main residential arteries naturally lends the built form to be coherent in formation. The building assumes a strong urban character and identity which is legible to both the local and neighbouring zones.It offers a learning environment that is spatially reassuring thereby being able to engage the students actively.

Fuji Kindergarten, Japan
Design: Tezuka Architects
Fuji Kindergarten
building photograph : Katsuhisa Kida
Fuji Kindergarten
The kindergarten directors then became worried that if it were to be the same as it is now, these architects wouldn’t take on the job of reconstructing it, and so they politely began to inform us about places where the roof leaked. Finally, they told us, “the children in this kindergarten are good at putting buckets under the leaks in the roof.”

Sustainable Building UK : David Douglas Centre

Sustainable Architecture News Scotland

Garden Bridge, London, England, UK
Design: Thomas Heatherwick Studio
Garden Bridge across the River Thames
image from designers
London Garden Bridge across the River Thames

English Architecture

Charterhouse Science & Mathematics Centre, Godalming, Surrey, England, UK
Architects: Design Engine
Charterhouse Science Mathematics Centre school buildings
photography : Peter Blundy/Design Engine
Charterhouse Science & Mathematics Centre

Mill Chase Academy Secondary School Building, Bordon, Hampshire, England, UK
Design: HCC (Hampshire County Council) Architects
Mill Chase Academy Secondary School Building
image : Darcstudio
Mill Chase Academy Secondary School Building

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