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8 July 2022

AR Public awards: winners announced

Studio Muoto’s campus hub in Paris-Saclay is the winner of the inaugural AR Public awards, alongside two highly commended and three commended projects

Université Paris-Saclay campus hub by Studio Muoto:
Université Paris-Saclay campus hub by Studio Muoto
photo : Maxime Delvaux

AR Public awards 2022 Winners – Buildings + Architects

Studio Muoto’s Saclay campus hub has won the AR Public awards. The building stacks diverse programmes and activities in an open and adaptable concrete frame, serving Université Paris-Saclay’s population of students, staff and visitors. The building’s porous ground floor leads to floors housing a café, a canteen, an open-air mezzanine, dance studios and a restaurant. Basketball courts crown the building, looking out over the city’s periphery.

Université Paris-Saclay campus hub building:
Université Paris-Saclay campus hub design by Studio Muoto
photograph : Myriam Tirler

Public space is a stage for human life, a place of democracy and collectivity. Open, accessible and abundant public space is crucial to the civic health of our cities and shared landscapes – a critical communal resource. As these spaces become increasingly threatened in the face of deletrious commercial and political forces, the new AR Public awards recognise the importance of creating, rescuing and renovating public spaces.

Université Paris-Saclay campus hub:
University Paris-Saclay campus hub basketball game
photo : Myriam Tirler

The winning project was selected by a panel of judges including Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger, co-founder of Barcelona-based MAIO Anna Puigjaner, and Ilze Wolff, co-founder of Cape Town-based Wolff Architects.

Herman Hertzberger: ‘Studio Muoto’s Saclay campus hub is an example of the type of architecture I would like to make: not showing off, just what you need, transformable. It is the kind of project architects can learn from.’

Ilze Wolff: ‘The student hub in Paris-Saclay is a frame that allows for public use: a good public building.’

The winner is joined by two highly commended projects:

Rasulbagh Children’s Park design by Shatatto:
Rasulbagh Childrens Park design by Shatatto
photo : Asif Salman

  • Rasulbagh children’s park by Shatotto
    The renovation of a neglected park in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rasulbagh Children’s Park by Shatatto:
Rasulbagh Childrens Park by Shatatto
photo : City Syntax

Ilze Wolff: ‘Rasulbagh children’s park in Dhaka is a careful negotiation with local people, for whom the architects have made space. There is so much life and energy in this project – it involves a great deal of collective effort.’

Rasulbagh Children’s Park by Shatatto:
Rasulbagh Childrens Park landscape
photo : City Syntax

Herman Hertzberger: ‘This is the type of project that should be promoted because of its treatment of water; it is an example of an oasis in an urban environment.’

Luobei Community Centre building by Atelier Untitled Architects:
Luobei Community Centre by Atelier Untitled Architects
photograph : Chen Hao

  • Luobei community centre by Atelier Untitled Architects

The reuse of a worker’s barracks in Guiyuan Village, China, to create a community centre

Luobei Community Centre design by Atelier Untitled Architects:
Luobei Community Centre by Atelier Untitled Architects
photo : Chen Hao

Anna Puigjaner: ‘The reuse of a workers’ barracks is a political statement, and breaks the tendency to build anew in south Asia. The building is preserved as a public memory.’

Luobei Community Centre by Atelier Untitled Architects:
Luobei Community Centre by Atelier Untitled Architects
photo : Chen Hao

Ilze Wolff: ‘The Luobei community centre is a dignified reuse of an existing building; the architects haven’t stripped its character, giving new life to this historical site.’

Three additional projects were also commended by the jury:

  • Oasis Terraces by Serie Architects with Multiply Architects

A neighbourhood centre crowned with green ramped terraces in Singapore

  • Bulwer Road garden by HÛT Architecture

A public garden including a rammed earth wall in London

  • Dadfa market by M Space
    A community mall with a leafy courtyard in Bangkok, Thailand

The full 2022 shortlist:

The jury was looking for a shortlist that ‘represents what is important in public space: something that it invisible but supports daily life’. This year’s shortlist includes 15 projects from all around the world, from Thailand to Estonia, to the United Kingdom and Bangladesh.

Projects vary in scale, from a bench in Tokyo, to a memorial in Amsterdam and a bridge in China’s rural Songyang County. Many are open, outdoor spaces in the city, while others are public buildings, accommodating the lives and needs of local people.

  • Luobei Community Centre in Guiyuan Village, China by Atelier Untitled Architects
  • Kärdla City Pavilion in Kärdla, Estonia by Bornstein Lyckefors
  • Bench Bomb in Tokyo, Japan by DDAA
  • Shimen Bridge in Songyang County, China by DnA (Design and Architecture)
  • Bulwer Road garden in London, UK by HÛT Architecture
  • Taichung Green Corridor in Taichung, Taiwan by Mecanoo
  • Dadfa market in Bangkok, Thailand by M Space
  • Miyashita Park in Tokyo, Japan by Nikken Sekkei and Takenaka Corporation
  • Oasis Terraces in Singapore by Serie Architects with Multiply Architects
  • Rasulbagh Children’s Park in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Shatotto
  • Dutch Holocaust Memorial of Names in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Studio Libeskind
  • Campus hub at Université Paris-Saclay, France by Studio Muoto
  • Versus in Nantes, France by Titan
  • Floating Islands of Sky in Chengdu, China by unarchitecte
  • Sukagawa Community Centre in Fukushima, Japan by Unemori Architects with Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm

AR Public Live

In this free digital event on 14 July, AR Public awards winner Studio Muoto will present their winning project, the Saclay campus hub, and together with the three judges – Herman Hertzberger, Anna Puigjaner and Ilze Wolff – we will discuss the critical role public space plays in the city and the ways in which it is under threat. Register for free here AR Public Live

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