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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Air Conditioner

1 Apr 2021

You Probably Didn't Know About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have existed for over 100 years. The first-ever air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. Most people cannot imagine living and surviving the summer heat with no air conditioning.

At the same time, there are many essential things you probably don’t know about your AC. Most people mistakenly think that HVAC maintenance, in general, is to prolong its lifespan and to be more efficient; and while this is true, keeping your AC in tip-top shape is also good for your health. Aside from technicalities, there are several things you probably didn’t know about your air conditioner. Read on to find out more. Check out Crompton’s selection of appliances if you want a new air cooler for your home.

1.   Dirty Filters Lower AC Efficiency and Airflow

Everyone who’s ever bought an AC unit has been advised to regularly clean or replace the filters. Typically it is recommended that you do this every other month. It turns out that this is very important advice. There are several harmful effects of leaving those filters dirty. First, it can slow down the rate of airflow inside your AC system. By the time the air reaches the room, its temperature won’t be the same. As a result, you will pay more in energy costs and receive inefficient output from your AC system.

Indoor air is already two to five times worse than outdoor air in terms of the level of pollutants. When you leave your filters dirty, that worsens the quality of the indoor air even more. Furthermore, the particles stuck on the filter will keep on piling up and will eventually clog the filters. This can prevent air from flowing inside the unit or the ducts, which can result in damage to your cooling or ventilation system.

2.   Why Your Run Capacitor Fails

An AC capacitor is a small cylindrical object that sends energy to the motor that powers your air conditioner. This capacitor provides your AC with the initial energy boost it needs to start and keeps providing it with the energy it needs to continue running. In some cases, the AC capacitor fails to do its job, for any number of reasons. When this component fails, the outside unit may continue to sound like it’s working when it really isn’t. Alternatively, your AC system may start making a humming noise. A broken capacitor can also shorten the life expectancy of both the compressor and the fan motor.

If you have tested your AC voltage and your AC is still not blowing cold air then a faulty capacitor may be to blame. In that case, it will be necessary to have the part replaced, but there are a few other possibilities to rule out first. If your AC is not blowing cold air then it could be that the blower motor is to blame. Another culprit might be the overheating of your condenser coil. If your condenser coil is dirty then it might get overheated and the excess heat can cause the capacitor to fail.

3.   Regular Maintenance For Your AC is Essential

It is crucial that your AC system undergoes regular maintenance. As mentioned above, cleaning or replacing your AC filters is very important, but there are other important types of maintenance you need to perform in order to ensure your AC functions correctly and efficiently.

Cleaning or replacing your filters will elongate the lifespan of your condenser coil but over the years, the coil will still collect some dirt. If you leave it like that, it will eventually not function properly, which can result in reduced airflow. To prevent that from happening, make sure that you clean the condenser coil on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the aluminum fins on evaporator or condenser coils can easily get bent which will result in them blocking airflow. There is, however, a quick and easy solution to this problem. Simply take a fin comb and comb the fins back into their original shape.

During winter, your AC system will need even more frequent maintenance. It is best to hire a professional technician who can find and fix any problems with your AC system and take steps to prevent future issues. The technician will perform all kinds of maintenance, including checking the amount of refrigerant and ruling out any leaks.

4.   You Can Help Your AC Stay Cool

We know that AC is supposed to keep us cool, but your AC unit needs to stay cool as well. If it gets overheated it can end up damaged. There are a few things that you can do in order to keep your AC system as cool as possible. It is best if you keep your curtains and blinds down during the day to limit the amount of heat entering your home. Doing this will keep your house cooler, which means your AC won’t need to work as hard.

You can also modify your appliance usage. The afternoon is the hottest time of day, so you might want to limit the use of the washer or stove at this time since they will add heat to your home.

Another thing that you can do is to run your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are a huge aid to the air conditioner as they help circulate air around the room, producing a cooling effect.

Over the years, your insulation can get worn out and your AC will have to work harder to reduce the temperature inside the house. You will want to pay attention to your insulation and replace it as necessary.

You Probably Didn't Know About Your Air Conditioner

You probably didn’t know about your air conditioner summary

And there you have it; that’s everything you need to know about your air conditioner and how to keep it working smoothly and keep pricey repair costs at bay. Remember that if you have ridiculously hefty electricity bills, your AC system might be using more energy than it really needs if you aren’t diligent about cleaning and maintaining it.

Make sure to replace the filters and clean the condenser coil, and take the necessary steps to prevent the system from overheating. It is also vital to have a professional technician service your AC system on a yearly basis.

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