Why is carpet cleaning important for your health

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Why is carpet cleaning important for your health?

10 November 2022

You probably don’t think about your carpet very often, but it’s there for every step you take. And as it turns out, your carpet is a veritable Pandora’s box of germs and toxins that can affect your health.

Why is carpet cleaning important for your health

If you live with carpeting in your home—and two-thirds of Americans do—you may be unwittingly exposing yourself to all sorts of unhealthy chemicals every single day!

Carpets are one of the most neglected areas in our homes, and that’s a shame because they can be breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. The average household has anywhere from 100-300 pounds of dead skin cells on their carpet at any given time. This is a problem because these dead skin cells attract dust mites, which can cause asthma and allergies in people who are prone to them. To keep your home healthy it is well worth considering regular pro dry carpet cleaning. Yes, carpeting traps dirt, grime, allergens, and bacteria—which is exactly why you need to get it professionally cleaned once a year.

But wait… before you pick up the phone and make those calls, let’s talk about why hiring a professional carpet cleaner is so important for your health and well-being:

  • They’ve been trained on the proper techniques for cleaning carpets, and they’ll use the right equipment to ensure that your carpet is clean and healthy.
  • They do it without damaging your furniture or flooring
  • If you clean your own carpets using harsh chemicals, however, those chemicals will stay in place until they’re washed away by rain or vacuuming—and when they’re washed away, they could be washing away some pretty stuff too!
  • Chemicals like formaldehyde and toxic metals like lead can be found in many kinds of carpeting. And if you have pets or kids, these chemicals could be especially dangerous for them (or even you while you try to clean it up all by yourself!).
  • You’ll breathe easier knowing that your family is safe from harmful toxins.

But did you know that conventional cleaning methods can release toxic fumes that can cause headaches, asthma attacks, and even cancer?

Carpet cleaning is a necessary evil—we all know it has to happen at some point, but many people don’t realize how toxic carpet cleaning can be. Carpet manufacturers add chemicals to the fibers so that they can withstand stains and wear and tear over time. That’s great for the carpet manufacturer, but bad news for us: those same chemicals are also harmful to us when we sit on them or breathe them in.

You might think you’re safe from toxic chemicals in your carpet, but think again— The truth is that toxic chemicals from carpet cleaning can seep into your home, and even worse, into your very lungs!

However, have you noticed those commercial for a cleaning product that says something like, “Don’t let your carpet get in the way of your health!”? Well, it’s not the carpet that’s putting your health at risk, Sometimes, it’s the cleaning products you use on it!

— Carpets have been shown to absorb up to 30% of the chemicals used in their cleaning and maintenance. And while some of these chemicals are harmless, others are known carcinogens.

But guess what? There’s a way to get rid of those nasty little buggers that doesn’t involve chemicals! The best way to ensure that you’re keeping your home safe for you and your family is to hire a professional who uses non-toxic cleaning solutions.

These cleaners will be able to get rid of stains without putting dangerous chemicals into your home’s air or onto its surfaces, All you need is to contact a non-toxic rug cleaning company. Just look for a company that uses organic cleaners and doesn’t use harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach during their processes.

Best End of Lease Cleaning

Why is carpet cleaning important for your health conclusion

When you think about it, carpet is just a big pile of dirt, dust and grime that’s been ground into the fibers and ground into your lungs. Hence, carpet cleaning is important for your health.

Here’s why:

– It removes dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other allergens from your carpet.

– It removes stains that can lead to mold and mildew growth.

– It prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in your carpet.

– It removes odors caused by pets or kids spilling liquids on the floor.

– It keeps your house looking clean and fresh, which makes you feel more confident about inviting people over or having them stay over at night!

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