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Plumbing Tips To Fix A Toilet That Won’t Flush

13 August 2019

How To Fix A Toilet That Won’t Flush – Plumbing Advice

A toilet that won’t flush is completely unusable. It can make the entire space look messy. If your toilet isn’t flushing, there’re certain things you can do to fix it. You might panic at first, but it’s advisable to avoid panicking whenever it fails to flush.

Luckily, this article has all the information necessary to fix toilets that won’t flush. If the problem persists, you can call a professional plumber to fix the issue.

Plumbing Tips To Fix A Toilet That Won’t Flush
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Here are the major reasons why your toilet may fail to flush and some tips for fixing it:

The toilet is clogged

Most toilets fail to flush due to clogs. The basic rule of the thumb when it comes to toilets is to avoid flushing any item apart from human waste and toilet paper. In case you’ve converted your toilet into a garbage bin, then you’ll have constant clogs to deal with.

In case your toilet isn’t flushing, then you can try to plunge it. Use a plunger (flange type) to plunge it. The cup that comes with the plunger will create a seal around the toilet drain opening.

If plunging fails to unclog it, then try hiring an experienced plumber for drain cleaning. Professional plumbers can clear toilet clog problems that a plunger can’t.

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You may need to deal with blocked drains.

Warped flapper

A flapper is a toilet component that opens when flushing to allow water to flow from the toilet tank down into the toilet bowl. It then closes upon flushing to seal the tank opening until the next flush.

Whenever you push the toilet handle downwards, the handle mechanism lifts the flapper. The flapper is always in direct contact with flowing water. The water pressure can bend the flapper or warp it with time. If it’s warped, the toilet may fail to flush properly.

To fix the flapper, you’ll need to open the toilet tank. Then look inside the tank for the toilet flapper. It’s usually made of rubber and cup-shaped. You’ll find it around the bottom section of the tank.

It usually covers the hole through which flush water flows from the toilet tank down into the bowl. You’ll easily notice a warped flapper. If it’s warped, it won’t function properly.

In case the toilet flapper is damaged or broken, then you should replace it. Most local hardware stores sell flappers, so it won’t be hard to find a replacement.

Ensure you buy a flapper that matches the old one in size and design. To replace the flapper, first turn off the toilet water supply valve.

Next, drain all the water in your toilet tank. Then detach the chain connected on the flapper. Install the replacement flapper in place.

Then open the shutoff valve and flush the toilet to test whether it’s now flushing properly. You can seek assistance from a professional plumber in choosing the correct flapper or installing it.

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If you need a fast reliable local plumber to help – EmerGenie app will make things simple.

Inappropriate toilet chain length

The handle and the flapper are connected together by a chain. Upon moving the hand, the chain pulls the flapper to initiate a flush. In case the chain is longer than the ideal length, then it’ll fail to lift the flapper high enough for a flush.

Also, if the chain is shorter than the ideal length, the flapper will fail to close properly. In case it doesn’t close, your toilet will run continuously as long as water is flowing into the tank. You can incur huge water bills if you fail to fix this problem sooner since you’ll waste a lot of water over time.

It’s quite easy to fix this problem. You’ll simply adjust the length of the chain. Try to assess the ideal length of the chain and adjust it accordingly. Just ensure it’s not too short or too long.

The toilet overflow tube has a problem

The toilet overflow tube makes part of a toilet tank. It’s usually located close to the supply tube. The overflow tube assists in emptying water into the bowl when flushing. The tube isn’t infallible and can be damaged from the constant pressing of the toilet.

In case the tube is cracked, water will flow into the tube rather than past it. Simply replace a damaged overflow tube to fix this problem. You can seek the assistance of a reliable plumber to replace the overflow tube.

We can fix all kinds of problems that might be making your toilet fail to flush – even power flush toilets. Simply contact us today to get your toilet working again soonest possible.

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