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Japanese Online Casino Guide

18 May 2020

Japanese Online Casino Guide: RNG advice

Japanese Online Casino Guide – What is RNG and Why You Should Care

If you are new to online gaming, you might be wondering how fair and random the results of these online casino games are. This is a significant question, and it’s only fitting for players concerned about the absolute randomness, or honesty of the games offered by online casino operators to ask this.

The great news is, today, casino operators are focused on providing an enjoyable, fair, and secure gambling experience to players. As a result, various systems and programs are already in place to maintain the fairness of the games and ensure that these algorithms are not hackable. One such mechanism is the RNG.

Considered as the heartbeat of the online gaming industry, RNG or Random Number Generators, serve as the key to getting fair and random results at online casinos. Read on as we learn more about RNG and the important role it plays in the iGaming industry.

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What Is RNG and How Does It Work?

Random Number Generators are complex computer programs used by online gambling platforms to guarantee fair play to players. There are different types of RNG software, but the Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG) is the most commonly used RNG in digital games offered by casino sites.

PRNG uses mathematical algorithms in a specific order to calculate the next values. This process continues repetitively without pausing, no matter if the game is being played or not. Thus, making it virtually next to impossible to find out the next value of the outcome.

RNGs are registered and approved by third-party gambling regulators. Online casinos using this mechanism must comply with specific standards and only those casino sites that pass rigorous tests are granted the certification of fair gambling.

How Do Casinos Use Random Number Generators?

RNGs are generally used on slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette, and other virtual games where there are no live dealers. The basic concept of RNG is simple. It works in tandem with the casino’s software to produce fair outcomes, providing the luck element of every game. Say, for example, if you play blackjack online, the moment you hit the ‘Deal’ button, the RNG works by feeding the software a unique value, which is essentially the outcome of the hand. In slots machines, the RNG dictates the result of every spin of the reel.

Other than the RNG software, the most reputable casinos ensure the quality and fairness of their games by having them tested and audited regularly by third-party companies. One such company is eCogra or eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, a London-based testing agency working for player protection. Usually, you will see this information at the bottom of the casino’s website. Having an RNG certificate of compliance indicates the casino’s transparency and proves its integrity. This means that the establishment can be trusted, so you can play with confidence knowing you get the fair chance of winning.

Should RNGs Affect My Gaming Strategy?

Knowing that the games you play are random is critical when forming your strategy. If you are considering card counting strategies, then you should definitely scrap them. Since every bet is completely randomized and isn’t influenced by previous bets, you simply cannot speculate what will happen next, in this case, based on cards previously dealt. The same goes when you play slots. No matter what you do while playing, each spin’s outcome is predetermined by RNGs.

RNG in Online Casinos – Conclusion

When playing casino games online, it would always be wise to spot RNG-certified casino sites before playing with real money. We recommend you check out our comprehensive list of top-quality and proven fair and secure Japanese-friendly online casinos at Casino Rank. Once you’ve decided on the online casino that suits you best, simply set up your account, make a deposit, and don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus!

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