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Warm and Fuzzy: How to Decorate a Tropical Beach Themed Bedroom

21 Dec 2020

Decorate a tropical beach themed bedroom guide

Ever since Justina Blakeney posted about her #jungalow style, Instagrammers everywhere went crazy. Homeowners got the motivation they needed to get bolder with their home decorations, going as far as imprinting all their walls with jungle-inspired designs. The way we see it, tropical home decoration became one of the decade’s hottest trends, and it doesn’t seem like it’s dying any time soon. It may seem like decorating a tropical beach-themed bedroom is an easy task, but there’s a very thin line between going overboard and being overly simplistic. To help you out, here’s how you can create a warm and fuzzy tropical beach themed bedroom.

Start with the Color Palette

First of all, you’ll need to start with the color palette. More often than not, going tropical means you’ll have to mix a lot of colors that don’t exactly fit together – that is, if you choose the wrong color palette or fail to make use of the colors well. It’s safe to say that blue will go with a variety of colors and tones, which will give you more flexibility in choosing your furniture, fixtures, and accessories. Whether you choose to paint your walls with a calm tone of blues or splash a vibrant blue color over your pillowcases, curtains, or wall art, you won’t have to struggle much with the rest of the furniture. A good starting point would be to create a coastal-jungle feel by integrating these blues with dark wood, neutral interior colors, and a few plants.

Put on Your Maximalist Flair

For most people, going tropical means letting their inner maximalist go wild. After all, tropical beaches are filled with endless colors and foliage. To successfully implement this maximalist flair, you’ll need to make good use of adding textures and colors over each other. You can start by adding bold tiles, striped walls of grey, white, and black, and large plants to welcome the incomers to the tropical beach. However, the tropical beached-theme will never be complete without splashes of yellow and pink, and going for muted tones of these colors will give off an effect that goes best with the rest of the decor.

How to decorate a tropical beach themed bedroom

Learn How to Accent Minimalism

Maximalism is not for everyone, so what can minimalists do when they want to enjoy a tropical beach retreat as well? You can still enjoy this tropical theme without splashing bright colors and overwhelming your senses with endless patterns. The secret to that is really simple: you maintain the foundation of your interior design while going tropical in your accents. Even a clean and minimalist bedroom with spark white walls and neutral floorings can give off the air of a tropical beach retreat if you add carefully selected plants and decorate the pillows and cushions with tropical beach prints. With only a few twists, you’ll get to enjoy a beach-meets-bohemian vibe.

Add Key Tropical Beach Items

Styling a tropical beach themed bedroom, just like any other theme, can differ according to the owner’s tastes. While there’s no definite direction you have to follow, the interior design professionals at explain how your bedroom won’t really give off the feeling you desire unless you add a few key tropical beach items. Your decorations should start from the moment you set foot into the bedroom, where you should be welcomed with palm trees, anchors, and sunsets. The key is to look for things you’ll never fail to find on a tropical beach, like seashells, for instance. These key items can be used to decorate your wall art, mirrors, beddings, desk, and other furniture pieces.

Make Use of Natural Light

One of the best ways to accent your hard efforts is to use the natural light to make your tropical beach even brighter. After all, sunsets and sunrises are some of the best features of the whole tropical beach experience. You’ll never go wrong with letting natural light flow into your tropical room by opening the windows and installing light curtains to let in the light. Whether your room is naturally well-lit or you’re struggling with making use of the natural light, adding mirrors will help you bounce the light and make the room feel warmer and brighter.

Exploit the Room’s Architecture

If you have some characteristic architectural structures in your bedroom, you have to exploit them to your advantage. For instance, you can never miss the chance to decorate pillars with unique plants. You can also make use of regular fixtures to add to the tropical effect, such as integrating the dark wood of a door’s triangular motif with light spaces.

Go Bold with Your Walls

Adding bits and pieces of a tropical beach is cool and all, but what if that’s not enough to quench your thirst for the beach? In this case, you’ll need to go bolder with your walls. Instead of opting for a few tropical beach imprinted pillowcases, it’s better to cover your walls with wall-to-wall wallpaper showcasing the design of your choice. In doing so, you can, literally, live, sleep, and work in the heart of a tropical beach.

Use Natural Materials

While focusing on bright colors can do the job, if you really want to achieve the tropical beach vibe, then you have no way around using natural materials. Materials like bamboo, rattan, leaves, and bark will go a long way in creating the tropical experience you’re looking for. Add to that a few home decorating plants, and you’ll both enjoy their health benefits and maximize the tropical beach vibe. You can also consider getting artistic sand-filled jars, bottle-ships, and papyrus scrolls to add some tropical decorations to your bedroom.

Tropical decoration has become a trend we don’t want to see an end to. Decorating your home or, better yet, your bedroom, with a tropical beach theme can quench your thirst for a vacation until you’re able to visit the beach yourself. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the next best thing by making use of foliage, patterns, colors, and accessories that make you feel surrounded by the enthralling tropical nature.

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