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How to Create a Showroom Tile Display That Sells?

22 February 2022

Displays let your customers envisage how the tiles look in a big space. A well-represented showroom displays features good lights, functional design, and flow. Creativity in how you display your tiles also gets your potential customers excited and inspired to check out your products. Here are display ideas that capture your customers’ attention and increase the sale rate.

Use Mood Boards

A mood board lets your clients understand how different designs can be integrated into a single look. Different colors, textures, and looks are ideal for customers who want unique, customised designs. For example, you can have a display with plain tiles matched with ceramic effects, which you can contrast with gold accents.

Create your mood board based on a specific design or style if you want a space-efficient display. You could also demonstrate how your clients can match a tile design with the cabinets, walls, and other house areas. The conversion rate increases when your display allows potential customers to envision their houses or premises in different tiles.

How to create a showroom tile display that sells

Explore The Power of Art

Make your tile display an artistic piece if your showroom is spacious to create a dramatic effect. An ideal section to use artistic display is your front window, where human traffic on the outside is high. Then, when people pass by, the dramatic pieces add intrigue and attract many to check your collection.

The good part about art is that you can create designs from available items unrelated to tiles and still maintain the theme. For example, you can have potted lianas crawled around wall tiles. Any customer who plans to have a similar home design would love to see illustrations and thus stick around.

How to create a showroom tile display that sells

Create a Feature Wall Display

As the name indicates, a feature wall is a huge wall section where you layer different tiles together. Your clients view the many available tiles in a single look. Feature walls enhance the efficient use of space. As a result, your showroom doesn’t feel cluttered when you increase the number of tiles on display.

Put plain colors at eye level and adventurous colors at the top to organize your feature wall. That way, you draw in conservative customers to gauge how to blend in the plain tiles with other colors. Besides, you get a compact design that shapes your showroom and creates a focal point.

How to create a showroom tile display that sells

Layer Your Tiles

Layer tiles from a given collection to illustrate how different tiles work together to create fabulous outputs. Layers need you to be careful with your arrangement patterns; otherwise, you’ll get a chaotic look. Stick to white or neutral colors at the back, and then arrange the other colors in order of added color density.

To avoid a disorderly look, don’t put contrasting patterns or colors next to each other. If you have many patterns and aren’t sure how to arrange your tiles, it’s time to consult the experts. Also, to spice your design, you can add a border of a specific color after every layer.

Create Catchy, Interactive Displays

Because tiles come in many colors and designs, an engaging and interactive look catches customers’ eyes. One way to create an interactive display is to mount your tiles on spin blocks. Customers become more adventurous to explore and buy from you when your displays are interactive.

Interactive displays call for a significant amount of time and effort, but the results are worthwhile.

Today’s customers are busy and picky, so you have to grab attention in the shortest time possible. As such, the first display in your showroom should spur customers to stick to your shop and explore more. Let your display synchronise with your products. For example, if you specialise in high-end tiles, use elegant and modern displays.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere With Lights

Use accent lights and track lights to highlight your tiles. Light adds aptitude and variety to your displays. At the same time, your customers get an idea of how different tiles appear under different light conditions. If your showroom is small, use libraries or drawer units to separate small areas.

Make a Waterfall Design

You arrange your tiles vertically to create a cascade-like feature in a waterfall design. The design allows your customers to glimpse pieces of different tiles at once. Besides, your tiles can also be viewed from behind. So, you can put a waterfall design next to your window and still not make the room seem closed in.

How to create a showroom tile display that sells Conclusion

The importance of your tile display in boosting sales cannot be overemphasized. As you design your showroom, your priority is to attract and convert prospects to customers. Thank goodness you don’t have to go through all the trouble to design your display. If you don’t have the know-how, you could outsource the services or have a reputable company display your tiles. But what if you don’t have the money to cover a display service? Thankfully, you could get financing for those expenses in no time with a title loans or similar products.

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