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Home Shifting: Best Packing Tips

7 Oct 2019

Home Shifting: Best Packing Tips

Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience, until it’s time to start packing, which can be daunting process. Moving can be a nightmare especially when you have lots of stuff to pack ,and no strategy. Most home movers opt to hiring moving companies to handle moving, but most of the time they don’t make the situation any better. Movers make unpacking cumbersome as you wouldn’t know exactly how the items were packed.

The tips below will indeed assist you in packing your items and realizing a smooth transition to your newly acquired home.

  1. Getting Organized: De-clutter

The first step you should take when packing is to de-clutter and dispose of anything you may not need. There are a variety of options to dispose of the items you don’t need including organizing a garage sale, giving out to charity or selling through online platforms such as eBay. De-cluttering eases the entire process of packing, ensuring you only move with the items you need saving you time, space, and money.

  1. Pack Early: Don’t Procrastinate

When planning to move, don’t wait until the final day, and instead start the packing process early-at least a month or two before the date of moving depending on the size of the house. When beginning the packing process early, you may want to start with the items that are least require in your daily life. Packing early ensures that you don’t pack hurriedly in an unorganized manner. Instead, you will be more organized, and the process won’t be tiresome.

  1. Invest in Quality Moving Boxes

While there are numerous different kinds of moving boxes available, it is advisable to purchase high quality moving boxes in various sizes. Unlike grocery boxes which are prone to damage due to wear and exposure to moisture, packing boxes are quite durable and ensure that your items are secure. You would obviously don’t want to experience a scenario where a box breaks apart during the moving process. Don’t know where to get quality moving boxes? You can purchase moving boxes from moving boxes home depot.

  1. Pack in an Organized Manner: Room-by-Room.

When packing, ensure that you pack room-by-room to ensure that you focus on one particular room at a time. This ensures that you stay organized by not mixing items from different rooms, which will give you a difficult time during unpacking. Additionally, you can label the boxes according to the rooms where the items were packed. This will ease the process of unpacking as everything stays organized.

  1. Don’t Over Pack your Moving Boxes

Over packing a moving box is a common mistake when packing items during moving. A box should never exceed 30 pounds as it may not be able to withstand the weight during moving, and also there is a high possibility of injuring your back. Ensure that you use the right size of moving boxes and don’t over pack them.

  1. Place Heavier Items on the Bottom of the Boxes, Lighter Items on Top

If you are loading the boxes to the track by yourself, ensure that you start with the heavy boxes at the bottom and the lighter boxes on top. By doing this, you are ensuring that no items get damaged during the moving process.

  1. Ensure the Moving Boxes are Well Taped

After packing items in a moving box, use a couple of pieces of tape to ensure the bottom and top are well tapped. Also, make sure to make a couple of wraps around the box’s edges, especially where you think the stress is much concentrated. This is to reinforce the box to withstand breakages from pressure.

  1. Packing Fragile Items

When packing fragile items such as dishes, TVs and furniture, etc., ensure that you wrap them with protective pads. For dishes, you can use plenty of bunched-up paper as padding above and below. You can also use quilted furniture pads to safeguard furniture from breakages during moving. Plasma TVs can be safeguarded with a special wooden crate if the original box is missing.

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The Bottom Line

Packing items while moving is certainly a demanding task, especially if you are not well prepared. It’s best that you start early packing items in a step-wise manner such that they can easily be unpacked. Staying organized during the packing process will ensure you a a smooth time when moving to your new home.

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