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Home Improvement Ideas Using Automation

23 Feb 2021

Everybody wants their home to be functional, beautiful, comfortable. But sometimes, there is not enough space to accommodate all those necessary items that we need. Thus, many of us just give up on our dreams about having the most updated devices.

With some home automation ideas, you don’t need to do it anymore. You don’t have to give up your dreams about a perfect home just because you don’t have where to store kitchen devices, tools for keeping everything ordered, and similar. It is time to change your home forever. You don’t need even to have a lot of money to do so.

Home improvement ideas using automation
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Home Improvement Ideas That Will Change Your Kitchen Forever

Let`s start with the kitchen. This is the most problematic area in any house. From one side, a lot of devices make the cooking & cleaning processes effortless and easy, from the other side, it is difficult to find a place for all those innovative items. That’s why some automation ideas with 12 volt actuators for the kitchen are always to place.

A lift column – with this item, you can transform your kitchen completely. You can use a lift column to accommodate even big devices such as a food processor, a coffee machine, or whatever. To install a lift column and use it to store one of the wished devices, proceed with the following steps:

  • Choose and buy a lift column. Pay special attention to its stroke length (it shall be able to hide the device in the cabinet completely and to lift it to the level to make the device convenient to use) and its lifting power (consider the device weight).
  • Decide which cabinet will house the column with the device. Fix the column on the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Prepare a platform on which the device will be installed.
  • Cut out an opening in the cabinet top to allow the platform and the device to pass.
  • Fix the platform on the column and test whether it can pass through the opening freely.
  • Install and fix the device on the platform.
  • Close the opening with a cap on hinges. The cap will hide the opening when the column is in its retracted position.

You don’t need to make the column lower the device to the vert bottom of the cabinet. The main thing is to make it hide the device and allow the cap to close. It is possible that under the platform, you will have even some space to store things.

With a TV Lift, You Can Install Any TV Set in Any Place

You will find this project interesting if you have been dreaming about a big TV set but don’t have a place for it. We suggest installing it in a cabinet. You can use a TV lift to make the TV set lift and hide.

Thus, let us proceed with the instructions:

  • Prepare a cabinet. It can be any cabinet that you use in the living room.
  • Buy a TV lift. Шts stroke length shall be sufficient to lift the TV set from the cabinet and to hide it.
  • Now, when the things are ready, proceed with the installation:
  • On the cabinet bottom, fix the TV lift. Depending on the bottom material, you might need to reinforce it.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening to make the TV set pass. If the TV set isn’t too wide, you don’t need to install anything to cover the opening. But if you believe that it spoils the look, fix a cap in hinges or a sliding panel to close the opening when the TV set is hidden in the cabinet.
  • Now, install the TV on the lift and test it. If everything works smoothly, hide the cables, and you can use the item.

More Ideas Are Available

The ideas are unlimited. For example, you can fix a TV-set on a wall instead of a cabinet. You can arrange a storage space under your bed or sofa by installing a couple of actuators. Or what about automating your office by turning your traditional desk into a standing one? Needless to mention about the automation of doors, windows, etc. Check what changes you would like to make, buy the needed actuators, and turn your home into a perfect place.

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