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Creative Ways To Add Outdoor Spaces To Small Properties

21 Feb 2020

Gardens are an important part of any home; they can help increase the value of your property, boost your mental health, improve the environment and diversify the local ecosystem.

Despite these benefits, today’s property developers often neglect gardens in favour of giving homeowners more indoor space.

For those architects, property developers and even homeowners keen to add an outdoor space to even the smallest of homes, here are some innovative ideas.

Forest Hill Garden Pavilion Toronto
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Creative ways to add Outdoor Spaces to Small Homes

Consider A Roof Garden

One great way to add a garden to a block of flats or a property with limited outdoor space is to create a rooftop garden. This has been done successfully by houseUP, who have created an incredible outdoor space on the roof of a 4-storey Victorian mansion block in Chiswick. If you’re interested in emulating this ambitious project, you can find more information here.

Window Boxes Are An Easy Way To Add Green Space

If you’re creating a block of flats and are keen to add some flowers or plants, then consider using expansive window boxes, which can be attached to the windows or the balcony. These solutions are a great way to give residents some greenery even when they live in a flat several stories up in the air. Get your pavilion, gazebo, or pergola from American Landscape Structures.

Climbing Plants Can Live On The Façade Of Buildings

For properties that don’t have a lot of outdoor space but already have a rustic appearance, consider using climbing plants like ivy. These plants need to be maintained so that they don’t damage the structure of the property they live on, but with a little hard work you can create a spectacular display on the outside of your property.

Hanging Baskets Are A Great Space Saver

Another way to add plants to a small property is to hang baskets around the outside and fill them with beautiful floral arrangements. These stunning baskets can be hung from the outsides of almost any type of building, making them versatile and perfect for anyone looking to add a pop of natural colour to their property. They will make your space beautiful without taking up too much space or requiring much maintenance.

Use Space Saving Techniques In Your Garden

In houses, many architects and interior designers employ space saving techniques and intelligent layouts to make rooms seem more spacious than they are, and the same can be done in your garden. If your property has a small garden, then plant it in an intelligent way to draw the eye towards the centre and make the space more appealing and spacious.

Bring The Outdoors In With Indoor Greenhouses

Some properties do not have any excess space outside, in which case consider bringing the greenery indoors with an indoor greenhouse. There are a variety of options out there to suit any homeowner, meaning that you can find an option that suits you.

Gardens and outdoor spaces are beautiful when they’re well maintained, so use these tips to add greenery to properties with limited outdoor space.

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Creative Ways To Add Outdoor Spaces To Small Properties
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Forest Hill Garden Pavilion Toronto
photography : Doublespace Photography

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