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Buying tips for recliners

13 Sep 2019

Recliners Guide

A recliner is a lounger that reclines when the occupant lowers the chair’s back and raises its front. It has a backrest that can be tilted back and also has a footrest that can be extended up. There is also a wide armrest on which you can place your arms comfortably.

Recliners can put up to a near supine position for sleeping. Recliners are commonly found in airplanes, trains, movie theatres, and home. There are broadly 3 types of recliners:

  • Two-positioned: This type of recliner has two positions; upright and fully reclined. You have to release the footrest using a lever to recline. This is the cheapest variant and it occupies a lot of space when it is fully reclined. This recliner has to be positioned away from the walls to avoid the collision.
  • Rocker: Rocker recliners have several reclining angles. Even if you rise the footrest up, the back doesn’t go back unlike the two-positioned recliner. Therefore, it needs less space and even if it is positioned near to the wall, it can be reclined to some extent.
  • Push-back: This type of recliners does not come with a built-in footrest. This reclining chair requires a push back into the seat for it to recline. The back is the only part that moves, so it can be accommodated in less space as well.
  • Riser: Motorized recliners are called riser. It reclines and lifts upward with the electric motor so that you can get out of the chair with less effort. These are ideal for individuals with injuries or physical disabilities. This is the most expensive recliner and needs a lot of space.

Buying recliners online can be tricky. The below-mentioned tips will help you buy the perfect one.

  • Check the type of recliner: Choose a recliner from those mentioned above that would suit you and fulfill the purpose of buying it. Check out all the characteristics that would be mentioned besides the products and then pick the right one for you.
  • Look out for the fabric used: Recliners are made up of different fabrics. It can be leather, upholstery, foam-based or cotton. Be very particular about the fabric and consider longevity. If there are kids in your home, get the sturdiest fabric available. Choose the fabric that would last longer and also looks attractive.
  • Budget: When you buy chairs online, you should keep the budget in mind. There is a wide variety of products displayed on the website which you can purchase in your budget. The online website has promotional offers also where you can get a high-end recliner in your budget.
  • Confirm the size: There are single-seater, double-seater and multi-seater recliners available. It depends on the number of people who are going to use the recliner. Also, consider the space available in your living room, and the size of the recliner that will fit your shape the best.

Recliners are considered to be the owner’s best friend. After a hectic day, nothing can match up to sinking into a comfortable chair and putting your feet up. Hence, try and get the perfect one for yourself!

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