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Using a Baby Swing to Soothe Your Disturbed Baby

22 Sep 2019

Advice for Soothing Your Disturbed Baby

The baby swing is a popular gadget and is often given a lot of preference because it acts magically and helps in calming down your fussy or disturbed baby. Parents are willing to go out of the way to soothe or calm down their fussy baby particularly when they need to make dinner, are busy with their other child’s homework, answering emails and juggling multiple household activities, all at one go.

Then enters the baby swing into the picture and acts as a boon to the parents. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, baby swings are regarded as a truly valuable asset while parents require assistance in soothing their fussy or wailing baby. A baby swing is surely a safe haven for their baby while they briskly go about doing their household chores.

Explore Some Effective Ways of Using a Baby Swing to Soothe Your Disturbed Baby

What Do You Mean by a Baby Swing?

As per, a baby swing is referred to as an effective “Baby Beast Tamer”. It is very much like an infant’s car seat in appearance but it is powered by a power cord or batteries instead of being fueled by the auto engine. Its key characteristic is the ability to soothe a fussy baby simply by rocking back and forth. A baby swing, therefore, helps to provide the parents with some precious moments to indulge in your day-to-day activities in utter peace and blissful silence!

All you need to do is simply settle your baby snugly into the swing and then switch on the swing and let it help in calming down your fussy baby. However, it pays to remember that you cannot treat baby swings as babysitters and they are not recommended in every situation.

If you are thinking of buying a high-quality baby swing for your little one, browse through Review of the Best Baby Swings in 2019 and make the right choice as per your baby’s unique requirements. Let us explore a few effective ways of using a baby swing in the right way.

Use the Baby Swing for Soothing

Baby swings are extremely popular for a specific reason. As per a qualified sleep consultant, some babies find swinging as incredibly relaxing and soothing. According to a qualified pediatrician, an effective way of soothing a wailing baby includes all the five S’s like Side, Swaddle, Shush, Suck, and Swing. The swing is an excellent device for recreating the rocking motion that the baby has been experiencing while he was in the mom’s womb. Hence, swings prove to be incredibly effective in calming newborns.

Do Not Allow Your Baby to Doze Off in a Swing

The swing may seem to your baby like relaxing and having a great experience in a hammock. However, it is best to keep sleeping while swinging to a minimum. As per experts, a baby swing must not be used as predominantly a sleep environment.

As per qualified and experienced pediatrician, the sleep that your little one enjoys while in a swing is not that beneficial and effective as the sleep he enjoys in a stationary position. While in motion, it is quite difficult for an infant’s brain to switch into a truly restorative sleep mode and that implies that the baby is creating sleep debt whenever he is using the swing.

Steer Clear of Swings with Too Many Bells & Whistles

More is certainly not better every time. Most of the additional features of a swing would make no difference to your little one. Avoid the swings with light projectors or some other added entertainment since they could end up over-stimulating your baby.


Swinging could be a wonderful way of soothing your wailing and fussy baby but it must not be used as your soothing and relaxation mechanism too. Limit exposure of your infant to seats such as swings, car seats, or bouncy seats to safeguard your infant’s head from becoming and appearing flat. Moreover, check all the safety recommendations before using the baby swing.

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