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Adjustable Beds and Their Benefits

24 Oct 2020

If you are looking for a new bed, you should consider an adjustable bed.

An adjustable bed is basically a bed frame that has been built to have a motorized base with hinges. The base is movable and can be used to adjust the position of the mattress.

Adjustable beds and their benefits

Adjustable Beds Benefits Guide

The typical adjustable bed has been designed so that the head and feet area can be raised and lowered independently of each other. Because of this, the best adjustable beds allow for the occupant’s upper body and lower body to be adjusted in order to maximize their comfort.

While the ability to make adjustments to the upper and lower part of the bed are the defining characteristic of adjustable beds, there are sometimes other features such as height adjustment and tilting – see You can get split-queen and split-king adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds have been a common feature in hospitals for decades. They allow bedridden patients to be raised into a sitting position or to have their legs raised or lowered in order to make them more comfortable.

Nowadays, the best adjustable beds are no longer just for hospital use, but are also found in the private residential setting as well.

More and more people are buying adjustable beds for themselves and they are now often found in private homes. People have found that they are not just comfortable to sleep on, but also have some therapeutic benefits.

What are the benefits of the best adjustable beds?

Because adjustable beds allow you to easily adjust your sleeping position, many people find that they have a more comfortable night’s sleep on an adjustable bed. Aside from this, however, there are other therapeutic benefits to having an adjustable bed in your home.

  1. Pillow tilting capability

Since an adjustable bed allows you to easily raise the head area – and keep it raised – it adjusts your position while still providing head and neck support.

The ability of an adjustable bed to raise you head up allows you to customize your sleeping position. It also ensures your comfort even in a semi-prone position.

Being able to tilt you “pillow” area can also help to prevent a stiff or sore neck if you decide to read or watch TV on bed.

  1. Back pain reduction

One of the most common reasons for people to invest in an adjustable bed is because of its ability to reduce back pain.

One of the most common reasons for lower back pain is if you “slept wrong”. If the way you lay down through the night placed too much pressure on a specific part of your back or if your spine wasn’t properly aligned, you could end up waking up with lower back pain.

With an adjustable bed, you can sleep with your upper body slightly raised. Sleeping in this position will decrease the pressure on your lower back. At the same time, you can also lift the foot part of the bed slightly to reduce the stress on your spine.

Making these adjustments will allow for more comfortable sleep and reduce your back pain.

Adjustable beds are especially good for those who suffer from pain due to arthritis or sciatica. By allowing them to sleep more comfortably it reduces their overall level or pain and improves their mobility allowing for a better quality of life.

  1. Helps reduce breathing issues

People with breathing issues such as sleep apnea are often told that they should sleep in positions where their heads are slightly elevated. The best adjustable beds allow you to easily achieve that.

The aforementioned pillow tilting ability of an adjustable bed isn’t just handy for breathing disorders, however, but also provides extra comfort during the times when you might have breathing issues.

If you have a head cold, sinusitis, or are suffering from allergies, keeping your head slightly raised as you sleep will ease your breathing and reduce pressure on the sinuses. This will make it easier for you to get to sleep and stay asleep.

  1. Reduces snoring

Snoring usually happens when the soft tissues in the throat start to sag and partially block the airways as a person sleeps. If you snore, one simple way to combat this is to sleep in a way where your airways are more open.

In order to keep your airways clear as you sleep, you need to raise your upper half a little. With an adjustable bed, you can comfortably angle your upper body in a way that allows you the sleep comfortably while still keeping your airway unblocked.

  1. Helps with digestion

Lying down flat is bad for the digestion cycle. If you sleep at a slight angle, with your stomach a little higher than your intestines, it could improve the digestion of your dinner.

Sleeping at an angle could also help if you suffer from heart burn or acid reflux. The slight incline will keep stomach acids in your stomach and keep them from rising up into your esophagus.

  1. Improves circulation

If you have been waking up with numb or tingly legs, you have not been getting good circulation while you sleep. Poor circulation is often a reason for feeling “foggy” or “sluggish” while getting up.  It can also be bad for your heart.

With an adjustable bed, you can easily improve your circulation while sleeping. Just adjust it so that the bottom half is slightly raised.

  1. Allows more “independence” for seniors

An adjustable bed is a great option for seniors, especially those who either live alone or who want to maintain a level of “independence”.

It can often be a struggle for seniors to get out of bed in the morning, not necessarily because they didn’t get a good night sleep, but because it’s harder for them to lift themselves into a sitting position.

With an adjustable bed, they can ease themselves into a sitting position on the bed, then just swing their legs to the side and plant their feet on the floor. This allows them to get out of bed easily on their own.

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