A holiday gift guide for architect Advice

A holiday gift guide for your favorite architect Advice, Real Estate Tips, Property Guide

A holiday gift guide for your favorite architect

1 Dec 2019

Gift Guide for Architecta

Looking for a gift for that architect friend who is super picky? Let’s be honest, it’s quite tough to impress an architect. The job requires so much attention to detail and most architects are design freaks. It becomes habitual for an architect to practice perfection. This is why, from my personal experience, I can say that it is really hard to pick the perfect gift for an architect friend, family member or loved one.

There are quite a few factors to consider while picking a gift for your favorite architect. Besides the basics like their favorite shape, color or general likes and dislikes, you have to plan on a gift that they will truly consider special.

Some important points to consider are making sure if it is a product you are gifting then the design should be fabulous. As mentioned earlier, architects are driven by design. The gift could either evoke emotion to appeal to your architect’s warm side or then just be impressive as a multipurpose tool which is something every architect or engineer type of person would enjoy.

The holidays are around the corner. We have Christmas and New Year coming up, and most of us might have architect friends or colleagues. They deserve a gift that is thoughtful or inspires them.

To make your life easier in terms of choosing the perfect gift for your favorite architect below is a holiday gift guide that will not disappoint you.

  1. The Kool8 Water Bottle

Reusable, multipurpose and cool, the Kool8 water bottle can definitely make a case for becoming an architect’s best friend.

When thinking of a gift that is practical yet amazing in many ways, this water bottle with a built-in tea infuser is a great choice to gift an architect. During long days on various work sites, this water bottle can keep a liquid cold or warm for hours together. Hydration is super important in an architects day to day grind and this gift fits the bill.

The company also believes in social causes. Besides being environmentally friendly and reusable as mentioned earlier, Kool8 donates 20% of its profits to provide water to underserved areas in the world.

Ticking off all quotients including coolness, practicality, and values, this gift will surely resonate with most architects.

  1. The Twinkle in Time Star Map

It’s safe to say that all architects are into interiors. Decorating is a part of the job, and most architects are passionate about it.

Twinkle in Time allows you to create amazing star maps that represent any given date on the calendar with the view of the stars from a particular chosen location.

We all have special dates that are sort of monumental. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, the first time someone proposed, or the day you bought a house. A star map is a great way to store the day in a frame that you can look at while enjoying that feeling of nostalgia.

Twinkle in Time’s star maps are so beautifully designed that any architect would appreciate one of these in their office or home. Pick a special day from your favorite architect’s life and gift them a star map, it is definitely a very thoughtful gift.

  1. Wacao Miniespresso GR

If your architect loves coffee, this is an amazing gift to consider. This beautifully designed espresso maker by Wacao is portable, which allows you to enjoy a hot cup of joe, anytime, anywhere.

An architect will definitely appreciate the design of this product. It is a friendly travel companion which is extremely lightweight.

In fact, GiftWits mentioned this product in their article titled – ‘59 Best Gift Ideas this year’, which vouches for how awesome this coffee maker is.

  1. Architecture Coffee Mug

Speaking of coffee, here’s an amazing utensil to drink it from. This not just one of those mugs that says ‘I am an architect’. This unique Architecture Coffee Mug contains technical drawings of some of the most famous buildings in history.

Most architects will appreciate a mug that gives them immense inspiration. Architectural drawings of buildings like the Notre Dam, Casa Mila, Alhambra, and Pantheon are printed on this stunning mug.

Working hard and sipping that coffee, with a mug that includes all of their favorite drawings, what can be better than that? Coffee is not enough, give your favorite architect a mug that’s unforgettable. Also, its a great way for you to remind them of you all the time.

  1. Phive LED Architects Desk LAMP

Every architect spends hours with drawings. Day and night architects work on a series of drawings for every project. Details matter so much, and the eyes can get tired from time to time.

The Phive LED Lamp is a great gift to give an architect, for all practical purposes. This lamp has some unique features that protect the eyes.

The lamp is very adjustable and swivels up to a 180-degree angle. The brightness is easy to adjust. This is an energy-saving lamp, it has a lifespan of 50000 hours, meaning you wouldn’t have to change a bulb for 25 years. It consumes only 20% of energy compared to a regular industry standard light bulb.

The lamp is known for its close to daylight effects, it gives out very soft light which does not produce a glare. For any architects tedious work hours, this lamp is a great personable gift to give. Holiday gifts need meaning, and this one will definitely show how much you care about them.

There are many gifts out there that can impress an architect. Among those, this gift guide is focused on ones that are personable, practical, relative and cool, all at the same time.

Any of the gifts above will bring joy to your favorite architect this holiday season. Christmas and New Year will be here soon and these gifts will definitely upgrade your favorite architect’s lifestyle to a whole new level. We hope this gift guide helps you pick multiple gifts if not one.

Good luck with your shopping and happy holidays!

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