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5 Tips to Prepare For Home Roof Replacement Help

28 Feb 2020

5 tips to prepare for home roof replacement

5 Tips to Prepare For House Roof Replacement

Are you tired of your roof leaking and you finally want to replace it? You could just want to undertake renovation to your house and the roof has to go. No matter the reason, a roof replacement is something that all house owners are bound to face as the old roof gets worn out. Replacement of a roof is a long-term investment that makes your home safer and a better place to live in.

Once you decide to replace your roof, you have to undertake adequate preparations to ensure that the process is seamless. Here are 5 tips that you need to consider as you prepare for home roof replacement.

  1. Get the Right Contractor

To replace your roofs, you need a roofing contractor. There are many roofing companies that are available in the market and as a result, you need to filter through the offers to get the right contractor for you. To choose the right roofing replacement contractor you have to consider the following factors:

  • Source the contractor locally – it is always advisable to get local contractors, especially through referrals as they have established a reputation within the community. This is also because they fully understand the area and will offer quality services.
  • Get a Warranty – It is always good to check that the contractor offers an extensive warranty. This will protect you from shoddy work and also allow you to get free workmanship in case the installation has an issue.
  • Check Licencing and Insurance – You should always check the operation license of the contractor. The contractor should also provide insurance for his staff and subcontractors who are working on your roof. Therefore, ensure that you get a copy of the insurance certificate from the contractor.
  • Get a written contract – a contract is valid once the details about it are in writing and signed by both parties. Otherwise, all your agreement will be your word against the contractor’s in case anything goes wrong. However, a written contract outlining all the details gives the contractor the obligation to deliver as per the agreement.
  • Communication – a successful project is about communication and as a result, you need to agree on the communication protocol to be used before the project starts. During the preparation please check if the contractor is returning calls, sending documentation required, following through with designs, and most importantly undertaking clarification of information that is not clear.
  1. Prepare the Interior

Preparation for roof replacement also involves you preparing the interior of your house. This is important although no actual work will take place within the house. This ensures that you can prevent damages inside the house during the period. The following should be undertaken as part of the preparations.

  • Remove all wall decorations because the whole process will include vibration of the walls. This prevents the items hanging on the walls from falling.
  • You should also protect fragile items such as glasses, vases, and plates.
  • You need to clear your attic especially of valuable items as the attic will most probably be the working ground.
  • Ensure that you secure all windows and doors during the period.
  1. Prepare Exterior

Once the work starts, your home will turn into a working site and as a result, you need to prepare for it. The exterior of your house should be prepared in the following ways:

  • Prune trees and cut grass to make it easier for the contractor to clean the compound.
  • You should remove all antennas and satellite dishes that have been installed on the roof to avoid damage to them during the roof replacement.
  • Ensure that you relocate all vehicles from the driveway and garage to avoid possible damage. This will also create room for their trucks, movers and a place to store the debris temporarily.
  1. Think about your Kids and Pets

It is always important to decide if you will stay in the house during the renovation or you will relocate temporarily. I suggest that you prepare your kids and pets for relocation as there will be a lot of disruptions and noise during the whole period. Perhaps it is that time when you need to take a family vacation or visit a relative.

  1. Prepare your Neighbours

The neighbors will also be affected, not just your household members. There will be all kinds of machines and materials making noise during the process no matter how quiet you try to be.

You should talk to your neighbors and prepare them for the noise that is bound to happen. This will allow them to adjust their schedules as they will know of the disturbance about to happen. Don’t forget to give an estimate of the duration of the project.

5 tips to prepare for home roof replacement conclusion

Replacing the roof of your house will turn your home into a worksite and as a result, you need to undertake appropriate preparations. The article has described the appropriate preparations that you need to undertake before the work begins. Observe these simple preparation tips and you will have a seamless transition to a better roof.

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5 Tips to Prepare For Home Roof Replacement
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