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Shreve Lamb & Harmon Architects

20th Century American Architecture Practice, New York, USA

Shreve Lamb & Harmon – Key Projects

Shreve Lamb & Harmon Architects – Buildings

Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, USA
Date built: 1931
Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, Architects
Empire State Building
New York skyscraper photo : Andrew McRae
Shreve, Lamb & Harmon : New York Building
381m high skyscraper, Art Deco architecture – especially the tower interior, famous New York landmark

500 Fifth Avenue Building, 500 Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY, USA
Date built: 1931
212m high, rectilinear stepped Manhattan tower

Lefcourt National Building, Fifth Avenue, Midtown, New York City, NY, USA
Date built: 1929
153m high, rather plain rectilinear stepped Manhattan tower built for Samuel

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The Trump Building, 40 Wall Street, Manhattan, USA
Dates built: 1929-30
Design: H. Craig Severance with Shreve & Lamb
originally Bank of Manhattan Company Building

Location:Manhattan, NY, USA ‘

Practice Information

Architect studio was based in Manhattan, New York, USA

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This New York architecture firm was founded in 1920 as Shreve & Lamb, a partnership of Richmond Harold (“R.H.”) Shreve, a Canadian from Nova Scotia, and William F. Lamb, from Brooklyn, New York, United States (U.S.)—Shreve was the administrator, while Lamb was the designer. The two met while working at Carrère & Hastings, and Shreve & Lamb was initially a Carrère & Hastings firm. In 1924 the pair decided to leave Carrère & Hastings and became an autonomous architectural company.

In 1929 Arthur Loomis Harmon, from Chicago, U.S., joined Shreve & Lamb, and the firm became Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. Prior to joining the firm, Harmon’s works included battle monuments at Tours, Cantigny and Somme-Py in France, a YMCA in Jerusalem, and the Shelton Hotel in New York, U.S.

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