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Robert Majkut Architect


Robert Majkut Design studio has been present on the market for 15 years. As a specialized design studio, it implements commercial projects, which entail complex design work encompassing interior design, industrial design and elements of corporate identity.

Thanks to having completed projects of various complexity level, starting from a small product in a boutique space and ending with multi-level network projects of several thousand square meters, the studio offers its clients an extensive expert knowledge and experience. Interior projects which have been completed constitute more than 100,000 m2 of space designed for over 120 customers.

Robert Majkut Design studio has many times created projects described in media as breakthrough, pioneering and trend-setting. An example from the entertainment sector is a complex interior design project of Multikino Golden Terraces, universally acknowledged to be one of the most spectacular cinema interiors in the world.

Multikino Polska Warsaw:
Multikino Polska Warsaw by Robert Majkut Architect
picture from Robert Majkut Design

Robert Majkut Design has also received recognition among companies from the financial sector, especially thanks to the creation of the Interior Design Standard project for the first network of financial advisors in Poland – Expander and a later realisation for Open Finance. To this day the branding strategy for this very brand is considered to be a phenomenon. The studio’s qualifications and professionalism were reflected in the enormous media interest and subsequent business success following the implementation of interior design for the first Private Banking network of Noble Bank.

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The complement nature of the studio’s offer can be observed in the recently realised projects for the luxury goods sector, among others for the chain of brand watches Time Trend or Warsaw boutique Moliera 2 for Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo brands.

Time Trend Prestige salon was selected as the most stylish shop in Poland during Warsaw Fashion Street 2008 event.

The best proof of studio’s designing experience is the list of its customers, including over 120 names. These include: Noble Bank, Alior Bank Private Banking, Open Finance, Kronverk Cinema, Golden Harvest, Multikino, Orange, Era, Plus, ING, Tonsil.

The scope of Robert Majkut Design Studio operations also includes new brand launch strategies. Our designers participate not only in the creation of the image related parts of such projects but also in activities related to the product segmentation, creation of visual tools and their implementation. RMD Studio supports new brands with its own experience, as well as with specialised market research and marketing analysis.

The team of designers under the artistic guidance of Robert Majkut has developed internal methods of translating the design communication into the real business language. This is a very specific know-how of RMD studio, which is called Interior Standard Design. Unique methodology and tools are supported by the long-term experience.

Robert Majkut

Robert Majkut is one of the most important Polish designers. His hard-earned brand and consistency in his approach to design makes him recognizable as a very popular designer and creator of unique places. Born in Szczecin, Poland in 1971, he graduated with honours from an art secondary school with furniture design as major. Having first studied architecture at Szczecin University of Technology, he then moved to the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Finally he graduated from Cultural Studies at Poznan University.

Moscow Cinema
picture from Robert Majkut Design

Since 1988 he has been involved in art as graphic artist, painter and creator of installations. Natural born rebel, humanist, cultural anthropologist. Today Robert is most of all a designer, effectively changing the reality that surrounds us. For the better.

He represents a conscious level of designing, in which natural, cultural, humanistic and economic aspects are the most important. His style combines formal design with innovation and latest technologies. Because of his education and interests, he always puts his projects in proper cultural and social context.

As a designer he is sensitive to forms, which are humanoid, oblong, round, close to nature. It is a recognizable motif in his works. He looks for inspiration in the surrounding reality. Design in his understanding is based on pioneer, progressive solutions, changing our reality for a specified, meaningful, good purpose. For a long time he has been faithful to the message: ‘the future is tomorrow invented today’.

For him design is a mission aiming at shaping the world that surrounds us to make it comfortable and aesthetic, and to influence positively our emotions through designed objects. The world seen by Robert Majkut is characterized by individualism and a great sense of form. He often operates with scale and intensity of materials. He is not afraid of exploring and brave, unconventional solutions. He is a perfectionist – always aspires to the highest level of quality.

Thanks to the strong work ethos, mature approach to design, and legendary quality requirements, Robert Majkut has become one of the most highly valued and experienced designers in the industry. He operates in the segment of the most exclusive brands and the most demanding investors. He works with the elite of the Polish business, both in the commercial and private sector. He also works for foreign investors – e.g. in China or Russia.

Projects related to industrial design, signed by Robert Majkut, compose a varied, often exclusive collection of furniture and applied art objects: Proton loudspeakers for Tonsil, Mrs President desk and the collection of Hermama and Herdoter lamps, to name a few.

Robert’s work received many accolades – in 2002 he was honoured with the ‘Rising Star’ award by the British Council. He was also nominated for Elle Style Awards 2007 in the “good design” category. In 2011 Polish marketing magazine Brief included him in the ranking of 50 most creative people in business.

He has been active in the field of popularising good design. Member of the programme council of New Culture Bec Zmiana Foundation; guest speaker at universities, judge at competitions, expert quoted in Polish and foreign press.

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Location: Ul. Belwederska 9A, 00-761 Warszawa, Poland, Eastern Europe

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