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RAU News

Madaster platform
Friday, 29th of September, the Madaster platform will be online, making the possibility to have a Material Passport available to all.

The official launch will take place during an event at the conference center De Bazel in Amsterdam, where architect Thomas Rau will be present as member of the Board of Directors of the foundation.

The Madaster Foundation, created in Amsterdam on 17 February 2017, considers a building to be a depot of materials with an intrinsic value at a product, component and material level.

By listing and evaluating all materials used in a building, opportunities can be created to save costs, increase re-usage of materials and reduce and ultimately eliminate waste. Material Passports will lead to better buildings as they incentivate better material utilisation and investment in smart design that supports circularity.

Featured Buildings by RAU:

WWF Headquarters, Schoonoord Estate, Zeist, The Netherlands
Date built: 2007

World Wildlife Fund offices using converted agricultural laboratory building

Apparently carbon neutral

Some other building designs:

Sportgebouw Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam Zeeburgereiland, The Netherlands

The Turnaround Terminal, The Netherlands

Gemeentehuis Brummen, Brummen, The Netherlands

More buildings by RAU architects online soon

Location: KNSM-Laan 65, 1019 LB Amsterdam

Netherlands Architect Practice Information

Architect studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Architect Studio

Address: Hamerstraat 3, 1021 JT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 419 0202
Province: North Holland

RAU Architects Amsterdam, Netherlands

The RAU architectural team, based in Amsterdam, designs buildings with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to the society and to planet earth.

To us architecture demonstrates and creates awareness of how human activities influence the built environment. A truly sustainable building is not just one that incorporates energy efficient technology and fulfills the standards of given sustainable certificates. What we strive to achieve is physical, spiritual and social wellbeing.

Our ambition exceeds the boundaries of the architectural challenge itself: we aim to deliver an additional value and quality to life on earth. We believe architecture must ensure that our activities on earth add value to the future instead of consuming resources that can’t be replaced. We intend to help making the qualities for which we seek in life more accessible for everybody without compromising the wellbeing of this planet, its nature and the people who live on it.

Amsterdam Architect

Website: www.rau.eu

Amsterdam Buildings

Major New Dutch Buildings

Amsterdam Architectural Designs : links

Amsterdam Architecture Designs – architectural selection below:

Diamond Exchange
Design: ZJA
Diamond Exchange Amsterdam building
photo © Capital C Amsterdam
Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam

Café de Parel
Interior Design: Ninetynine
Cafe de Pare Westerstraat Amsterdam
photograph : Ewout Huibers
The Pearl Café on Westerstraat

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