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21 Apr 2018

Marika Guerrazzi Architecte News

Marika Guerrazzi Architecte

This architecture firm in Paris has 14 years of experience including building permits application, tender organization, carrying out of projects and work acceptance.

This know-how is backed by a solid knowledge of the French Construction regulations concerning ERP rules, (the French regulations applicable to establishments servicing the public), fire safety, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, as well as the knowledge and the ability to interpret the construction standards, the development of construction projects and the monitoring of all stages of their construction, feasibilites stages, preliminary outline and final design, tender documents, application for building permit, the development of the execution plans, the direction of the works, as well as their reception.


Marika Guerrazzi ARCHITECT D.P.L.G.
Graduated by the Government

Deborah Sinopoli ARCHITECT D.E.
ENSAPVS National School of Architecture of PARIS VAL DE SEINE, Paris

Edyta Katarina Skowron Senior Architect, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS -USA

Operational Manager – Researcher – Manager at IELYS INGENIERIE University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne


New buildings, shops, in SHOPPING centers.
The studio offer architectural services, interior architecture, renovation.
And by the nature of our international clients we had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects.
To ensure the quality of a project the practice are able to bring together each component of the project management: thermodynamics fluid engineers, structural engineers, economists, project managers, acousticians, construction economists, etc.

The study of green spaces and spaces resulting from the various forms, conceived within the framework of the various projects realized, constitutes a determining step for each realization of the agency. More than an addition to the building, the natural environment is staged in each project as a priority.

Rehabilitation & renovation
Following the various recent projects, we can advise you in the best strategies of setting fire safety standards, disabled accessibility, and the interests of energy saving and sustainable development.

New buildings
The agency has completed several new construction operations.

Interior architecture
Anxious to produce meaning and overall coherence, we focus without hierarchy and on all scales of the project: details, materials, textures, colors, quality and interior comfort.
Many interior projects have been carried out: lofts, shops, restaurants and apartments.

Office landscaping
The design of spaces and workstations, is one of our strong skills. Our approach is part of a quest for innovation and operational efficiency. Taking into account the economic pressure leading companies to optimize their spaces while seeking a great fluidity, our agency brings all its experience in ergonomics, decoration and definition of the workstation.

Development of stores and shops
Many experiences for international companies, have given us the opportunity to have a knowledge of the evolution of design and fashion. We are used to working with design, marketing, merchandising and sales teams. And, we understand the needs of lighting, circulation, security, signage, decoration.

The multidisciplinary know-how and the knowledge of the restoration trades as well as his understanding of the constraints inherent to the activity allow him to benefit from recognized skills in the field of the development of food places. If you have an architectural or interior design project that you would like to materialize, do not hesitate to call on our team of talented and creative specialists.

Marika Guerrazzi ARCHITECT D.P.L.G.
Graduated by the Government

15 rue Jules César 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
0033 (0) 6 45 04 31 10
0033 (0) 9 83 75 21 03
email: [email protected]


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Location: 15 Rue Jules César, 75012 Paris, France

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Marika Guerrazzi Architecte – architect office based in Paris, France

Address: 15 Rue Jules César, 75012 Paris, France

Phone: +33 6 45 04 31 10

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