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Designkommander : Contemporary Architecture Practice

Described as the UK’s lead emerging practice in 2007: Buildings by this British Design Office

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Designkommander – Key Projects

Major Projects, alphabetical:

House in Buckinghamshire, South East England, UK
Date built: 2006
Buckinghamshire House
image from architect
Buckinghamshire House

House in London, South East England, UK
Date built: 2008
London House
image from architect
London House

House in Surrey, South East England, UK
Date built: 2009
Surrey House
image from architect
Surrey House

More architecture projects online soon

Location: London, south east England, UK

Designkommander – Practice Information


Designkommander stages acts of anticipation and revelation, creating architecture, furniture, and product that explore corporeality in the human experience of environment. Rooted in the mathematical, its pure, spare forms are instilled with contextual and sensory references to animate both them and their participants.

In its architecture, mechanical components are stripped away: solid and void, hue and texture arranged hierarchically and pragmatically to disclose the uninterrupted object. Instigating a dialogue that exceeds the visual and the tactile, stimuli are deployed to trigger the imagination. Engaging mind and psyche, this English architecture office provokes visceral responses and forges emotive connections. If the collective memory of site integral has disappeared, then Designkommander is intent on recovering it. Mining local histories for the lived, the dreamt, and the forgotten, it makes architecture with resonance where buried pasts and projected futures cohere.

Reductive in form yet almost primal in their distilled energy, this UK architecture office’s buildings and objects absorb the viewer into the process of deciphering their encoded references. Fluctuating between the abstract and the recognisable, they become simultaneously sculptural and architectural.

Its architects are supported by a critical thinker and an architectural historian whose distillation of theory and contextual knowledge inform the compositional process. Designkommander works with a range of specialists to explore new aesthetic possibilities for its materials palette. It collaborates with award winning engineer Mike Crane, deploying his innovative structural systems, and with Professor Peter Dobson, at The University of Oxford’s Begbroke Science Park, to harness the latest advances in energy conservation and sustainable technologies.

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