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Helixxx Bridge, Amsterdam

Netherlands Crossing Competition Entry design by Eugenio Aglietti

Design: Eugenio Aglietti

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Structure
image from architect

Amsterdam Bridge Competition Entry

11 Jul 2013

Helixxx Bridge Competition Entry

Helixxx Bridge is a proposal for a new iconic pedestrian bridge located in Amsterdam, in front of Hermitage Museum. The project program includes a new footbridge connecting the east to west bank of Amstel river on the Axis of the Hermitage, facilities, café and public spaces.

Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam
image from architect

The starting point of the project is based on the span of the bridge (82 meters) and on the Hermitage Museum‘s inner courtyard dimensions (a rectangle 55×48 meters). The proportions of the courtyard have been used as the geometric reference for the main cross-section of the bridge, able to bear the load of the deck and of the pedestrians. The repetition of the section towards the main entrance of the Hermitage creates a grid of 25 planar elements, each every 3,25 meters, connected by steel pipes. Finally, to emphasize the access to the museum the last section is 90° rotated along the center.

Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam
image from architect

The helix is the perfect way to connect the sections with steel pipes, while the resulting shape reflects the intention of giving an iconic peculiarity to the bridge. The three X of the helix symbolize the Saint Andrew’s Crosses: ‘Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate’. In order to follow the international convention of river transport, the deck has been pushed up so as to ensure the passage underneath the footbridge.

Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam
image from architect

A continuous frontier around the planar sections defines the volume of the footbridge and underlines the path to the Hermitage; the frontier consists of two materials: the glass allows to enjoy the view over the Amstel river and the perforated ceramic panels let the air to enter, creating a microclimate into the bridge.

Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam
images from architect

Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam
images from architect

Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam Helixxx Bridge Amsterdam
images from architect

Helixxx Bridge image / information from Eugenio Aglietti

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