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Swift Agency in Portland: Oregon Building

Digital Media Agency Offices design by Beebe Skidmore Architects, USA

Apr 20, 2017

Design: Beebe Skidmore Architects

Location: Slabtown neighborhood, Portland, Oregon, USA

Digital Media Agency Offices in Portland

An adaptive re-use plus seismic upgrade of the original Rose City Awning factory, to create a company headquarters for Swift, a fast-growing 160-person digital media agency.

Swift Agency in Portland

Photos by Jeremy Bittermann and Swift Agency

Swift Agency in Portland Building

Located at the edge of the Slabtown neighborhood, comprised of low-rise light industrial, warehouse, and commercial structures plus a wave of new, taller multifamily developments. The location occupies 80% of a 200’ x 200’ city block adjacent to the Portland Streetcar N-S line and the I-405 elevated freeway.

Swift Agency in Portland

The building is a 25,000- s.f. uninsulated one-story CMU warehouse composed of 5 equal 50’ x 100’ units. Built over 20 years from 1950 to 1970, the existing structure had few windows, 3 overhead doors, and 3 small north-facing rooftop “sawtooths.”

Swift Agency in Portland

Upon completion, the final design is a 30,000-s.f. space including 5,000-s.f. of loft space distributed over 4 new mezzanines fit into new double height “sawtooths” with North-facing windows.

Swift Agency in Portland

The design arranges new 5’ x 9’ sheets of storefront glass in a composition that creates openings in locations where the existing CMU wall was structurally weak.

Swift Agency in Portland

Swift Agency in Portland – Building Information

SWIFT AGENCY, Portland, Oregon | 2016
Architects: Beebe Skidmore Architects
Client: Swift Agency
General Contractor: Yorke & Curtis

Photographers: Jeremy Bittermann and Swift Agency

Photography: Jeremy Bitterman Photography

Swift Agency in Portland information / images received 9th Apri 2017

Address: 1250 NW 17th Ave., Portland, OR 97209, USA
Phone: 503.227.8305

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