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Swift Agency in Portland: Oregon Building

Digital Media Agency Offices design by Beebe Skidmore Architects, USA

Apr 20, 2017

Swift Agency in Portland Building

Design: Beebe Skidmore Architects

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Digital Media Agency Offices in Portland

An adaptive re-use plus seismic upgrade of the original Rose City Awning factory, to create a company headquarters for Swift, a fast-growing 160-person digital media agency.

Swift Agency in Portland

Located at the edge of the Slabtown neighborhood, comprised of low-rise light industrial, warehouse, and commercial structures plus a wave of new, taller multifamily developments. The location occupies 80% of a 200’ x 200’ city block adjacent to the Portland Streetcar N-S line and the I-405 elevated freeway.

Swift Agency in Portland

The building is a 25,000- s.f. uninsulated one-story CMU warehouse composed of 5 equal 50’ x 100’ units. Built over 20 years from 1950 to 1970, the existing structure had few windows, 3 overhead doors, and 3 small north-facing rooftop “sawtooths.”

Swift Agency in Portland

Upon completion, the final design is a 30,000-s.f. space including 5,000-s.f. of loft space distributed over 4 new mezzanines fit into new double height “sawtooths” with North-facing windows.

Swift Agency in Portland

The design arranges new 5’ x 9’ sheets of storefront glass in a composition that creates openings in locations where the existing CMU wall was structurally weak.

Swift Agency in Portland

Swift Agency in Portland – Building Information

SWIFT AGENCY, Portland, Oregon | 2016
Architects: Beebe Skidmore Architects
Client: Swift Agency
General Contractor: Yorke & Curtis
Photographers: Jeremy Bittermann and Swift Agency

Photography: Jeremy Bitterman Photography

Swift Agency in Portland information / images received 9th Apri 2017

Address: 1250 NW 17th Ave., Portland, OR 97209, USA
Phone: 503.227.8305

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