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Perkins+Will Office, USA : North Carolina Interior

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Feb 9, 2011

P+W office up fit in North Carolina

Perkins+Will Office – an architectural office organized by translucent faces of a cube.

Architects: Perkins+Will

Perkins+Will Office North Carolina

The form represents idea–natural skylight is diffused through it to enlighten the surrounding spaces. The faces correspond to aspects of practice and program: Entry, Gallery, Workspace, Lounge, Meeting, and Presentation.

Perkins+Will Office: P+W North Carolina
pictures from Perkins+Will

From the central idea, a spine of translucent ceiling panels flow through the remaining space. Regular groups of individual work areas clustered against exterior glass balance the other side of the spine that has collaborative spaces of Library, Pin-up, and Break Room, as well as required support spaces.

Perkins+Will Office: P+W North Carolina

The 7,800 SF interior up-fit is intended for 45 Perkins+Will staff. A key element of the program was separate and nearby collaboration spaces of scales of groups from two to fifty. All workspaces are the same size and character, from the Office Director to entry Intern.

There are no closed offices but several shared closed rooms for telephone calls, private discussion, and conference call were created. The shower is shared with the remainder of the floor’s tenants in the interest of being a good neighbor.

Perkins+Will Office: P+W North Carolina

In addition to being an example or metaphor of architecture, the space was designed as a technical laboratory for young staff. Ceilings and walls are pulled apart into floating screens, strips and clouds to reveal building infrastructure throughout the space.

Perkins+Will Office: P+W North Carolina

The program of the Perkins+Will Architects office includes: lobby seating areas, a display, formal conference spaces; an open work area with informal team rooms and huddle rooms; a model room; pin-up space to display current projects; a work room with plotters and printers and workspace for making boards and models; a lounge, and even a shower.

Perkins+Will Office interior Perkins+Will Office interior North Carolina P+W Office interior P+W Office interior North Carolina
pictures from Perkins+Will

The Perkins+Will office is Gold Certified under the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 2.0 rating system. Two basic concepts of sustainability were fundamental to the design: making natural light and outside views available to as much of the space as possible, and creating open, flexible and collaborative spaces that can be re-purposed in the future without significant renovation and resulting waste.

Perkins+Will Architects Office
1100 South Tryon St # 300
Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

P+W Office North Carolina images / information from Perkins+Will, Architects

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Location: 1100 South Tryon St # 300, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States of America

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