National Public Health Emergency Operations Center & National Public Health Laboratory, Farato, IDOM Gambia building

National Public Health Emergency Treatment Centre Farato

6 July 2021

Design: IDOM

Location: Republic of the Gambia, West Africa

Emergency Treatment Centre Farato, Gambia building design

National Public Health Emergency Operations Center & Laboratory in Gambia

The Government of Gambia has developed a National Plan for Preparedness and Response to COVID19. The COVID-19 Plan focuses on scaling up and strengthening all aspects of preparedness and response, including coordination, surveillance, case management, communication, and social, psychosocial mobilization, as well as logistics and safety.

The development of a National Laboratory of Reference and an Emergency Treatment Center, with capacity for 84 observation beds and 20 isolated critical beds, has been prioritized. Construction and design are financed by the World Bank. IDOM has been responsible for the design of the project, which has been carried out in a very demanding timeframe.

Emergency Treatment Centre Farato, Gambia building design

The project is located in an area called Farato Farms and is the first project of its kind, hospital and academic development of the future. With a total constructed area of about 9,730 m², the health complex includes 4 centers; an Observation Center, Treatment Center for critical patients, National Reference Laboratory and Training Center. These are distributed in different buildings sharing general services such as maintenance, cleaning, laundry, sterilization and common technical facilities.

Emergency Treatment Centre Farato, Gambia building design

The project responds to the climate and natural and social conditions of the location. It prioritizes simplicity and speed of construction using materials and systems available in the country. The design considers various bioclimatic strategies to achieve, at the same time, energy efficiency and comfort for users.

Emergency Treatment Centre Farato, Gambia building design

The passive measures studied consist of the solar protection of the openings, facades and roofs, the careful study of natural lighting, and the enhancement of natural ventilation through solar chimneys that ensure a significant increase in air renewals each hour, fundamental in buildings for the treatment of infectious diseases such as COVID. A pleasant natural environment has also been sought that favors the recovery of patients with an interior patios and a large central space with local vegetation, contributing to maximizing the use of natural light.

Emergency Treatment Centre Farato, Gambia building design

National Public Health Emergency Center & Laboratory, Farato, Gambia – Building Information

Proyecto / Project: Emergency Treatment Centre
Situacion (lugar) / Location: Farato, The Gambia, West Africa
Estudio / Office: IDOM
Cliente/Client: Ministerio de Salud de Gambia/ Ministry of Health. Republic of The Gambia
Director de Proyecto / Project director: Pablo Elorz Gaztelu

Arquitecto responsable / Project architect: Bassam Nory Alhassani
Arquitectos colaboradores / Other architects: Andreia Faley Fesch, Beatriz San Salvador Picó, Carmen Prada Alfaro
Gestión del Proyecto / Project Management: Pablo Elorz Gaztelu
Costes / Costs: Iván Portela Fernandez, Esteban Cuartero Casas
Estructuras /Structures: Alejandro Campuzano Díaz, Esteban Huici Mesenguer
Responsable Ingenierías Instalaciones: Manuel Carrasco Szulc
Climatización / Environmental Engineering: Manuel Carrasco Szulc
Eficiencia Energética y Sostenibilidad: Julio Fernandez Amodia

Luz / Lighting: Eugenio Dominguez Fernandez
Agua / Public Health Services: Iván Quintana Gil
Voz y Datos / Telecomunicaciones: Ana Victoria Gonzalez Varela
Electricidad / Electrical Engineering: Eugenio Dominguez Fernandez
Instalaciones de Combate a Incendios / Gases: Medicinales – Miguel Antonio Blanco Torres
Interiorismo / Interior Design: Pablo Elorz Gaztelu, Andreia Faley Fesch, Beatriz San Salvador Picó
Proyecto Equipamiento Médico: Meirovich Consulting

Administrativos / Administration: Banesa Marrero Castro, Isabel Cantero Murillo
Socio Local: GAP

Superficie aproximada / Area: 10.000 m2

FECHA DE PROYECTO, meses / Project, months: Meses (número): 4 Año/s: 12/2020 – 03/2021

IDOM Group

Emergency Treatment Centre Farato, Gambia, Africa images / information received 060721 from Spanish architects IDOM

Location: Gambia, Africa

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