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Bardo Cultural District in Algeria

African Theater, Library, Art and History Museum building design by Lemay | Altrapco

9 Sep 2014

Design: Lemay | Altrapco

Location: Constantine, Algeria

The New Cultural Hub

Bardo Cultural District in Algeria

Photos by Lemay associés – Altrapco

Bardo Cultural District in Algeria building

In order to highlight the appointment of Constantine as the capital city of Arabic culture in 2015, the Wilaya Land Office launched an international competition for the design and construction of a new cultural hub in the Bardo District, in Constantine, Algeria.

The architectural proposal submitted by Lemay | Altrapco, which harmoniously combines culture and nature, has been selected as a finalist in this prestigious competition.

The proposal, which included a theater, a library, an art and history museum and an exhibition hall, intended to consolidate the natural environment of the valley of Bardo while revitalizing the old city to create a unique cultural destination.

This major project integrated exceptional accessibility while highlighting the site with a new park that would extend the existing forest to the centre of the city. Like an urban oasis, the new destination aims to attract visitors from all different walks of life while allowing citizens to take ownership of their exceptional natural and historical heritage.

Photographs: Lemay associés – Altrapco

Bardo Cultural District in Algeria images / information received 090914

Location: Constantine, Algeria, North Africa

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