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We feature a wide range of Afghanistan buildings, from contemporary to traditional. Some projects are new-build developments and others are conservation projects involving ancient heritage sites.

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Afghanistan School Building

Arzu Rugs

Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design

Cultural Center in Kabul

Maria Grazia Cutuli Primary School

National Museum of Afghanistan

National Museum of Afghanistan Kabul

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Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design Competition design by Barna Architects:
Bamiyan Cultural Centre Afghanistan Developments
image courtesy of architecture office

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Historical places include the cities of Herat, Kandahar, Ghazni, Mazar-i-Sharif, and Zaranj. The Minaret of Jam in the Hari River valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Cultural Center of the Russian Federation in Kabul building design by Architectural bureau A.Len:
Cultural Center of the Russian Federation in Kabul building
image from architects practice

A cloak reputedly worn by Islam’s prophet Muhammad is kept inside the Shrine of the Cloak in Kandahar, a city founded by Alexander and the first capital of this Asian country. The citadel of Alexander in the western city of Herat has been renovated in recent years and is a popular attraction for tourists.

National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul building designed by THEEAE LTD. (The Evolved Architectural Eclectic Limited):
National Museum of Afghanistan Building
image from architects

In the north of the country is the Shrine of Ali, believed by many to be the location where Ali was buried. The National Museum of Afghanistan is located in Kabul.

Maria Grazia Cutuli Primary School, Heart:
Maria Grazia Cutuli Primary School Afghanistan Building
picture © AKAA / Nazes Afroz
Herat is the third-largest city in this country. It has a population of about 436,300, and serves as the capital of Herat Province, situated in the fertile valley of the Hari River. This building has been shortlisted for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2013.

Pakistan Architecture

KPT Tower Building Pakistan
KPT Tower Building
image from architect

Indian Architecture

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