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Prague Functionalism

15 Mar 2013

Prague Modern Buildings

Modernist Architecture in the Czech Republic

Prague New Town water tower (1495), rebuilt in 1591 and 1648, with baroque bulb roof. Functionalist annex (1928-1934) of the Manes Association of Fine Artists (restaurant, club rooms, showroom and offices), by architect Otakar Novotný, project was supported by president T.G. Masaryk. Built in place of the former medieval river mill:
Prague New Town water tower Functionalist annex
photograph © Ivan Andera

Functionalist villa, plenty of which are spread around Czech Republic:
Functionalist villa Prague
photograph © Ivan Andera

Modern Movement buildings – scanned photos from 1991, by architect adrian welch

Prague has a Modernist architecture estate in a similar way that Stuttgart has its Weissenhofsiedlung:

Prague Modern Building Prague Modernist Building Prague Modern Architecture Prague Modernist Architecture

Modern Movement building Prague Modern building Prague Modern Movement building Prague Modern Movement building Prague
photos © Adrian Welch

House by Mart Stam architect, Purmerend, The Netherlands:
House by Mart Stam House by Mart Stam
photos © Adrian Welch

House by Adolf Loos architect, Austria:
modern Prague house
photo © Adrian Welch
World-famous modern Prague house

Location: Prague, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe

New Prague Architecture

Contemporary Prague Architecture

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Hotel Josef Prague by Eva Jiricna Architects

Modern Czech architecture – Tugendhat Villa Brno, not far from Prague to the south

Screw Factory Boiler House, Areál Šroubáren, Libčice nad Vltavou
Design: Atelier Hoffman
Screw Factory Boiler House in Libcice nad Vltavou
photo : BoysPlayNice
Screw Factory Boiler House

Gran Fierro, Myslíkova Street
Design: Formafatal
Gran Fierro Prague Restaurant
photographer : BoysPlayNice
Gran Fierro Prague Restaurant
The establishment of the Formafatal studio in 2015 was accompanied by the design and implementation of the interior of the Argentinian restaurant Gran Fierro I in Voršilská Street in the centre of Prague.

Elementary School Amos, Pražská 1000, Dolní Jircany, 252 44 Psáry, Czech Republic
Architects: SOA architekti
Elementary School Amos Psary Dolni Jircany Prague
photos : Jakub Skokan and Martin Tuma
Elementary School Amos for Psáry & Dolní Jircany
This new Czech building freely complements the development on the outskirts of the suburban village and with its distinctive archetypal silhouette completes its visual identity.

School Proposal for Lounovice
Architects: JDAP
School Proposal for Lounovice near Prague
image courtesy of architecture office
School Proposal for Lounovice

Design: Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning
Architram in Prague
image courtesy of architecture office

Nelahozeves Castle Library and Research Centre
Design: Wright & Wright Architects
Nelahozeves Castle Library and Research Centre
image courtesy of architects
Nelahozeves Castle Library and Research Centre

Prague Buildings – Modern Architecture: Photos © Adrian Welch

Brno Bridge

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