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Villa La Roche : Modern House in Paris

Le Corbusier Building in Paris – 20th Century Architecture in France

11 Jun 2011

Villa La Roche, Paris

Date built: 1925

Architect: Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

Location: Paris, France

Designed by Le Corbusier as a home for Raoul La Roche, a Swiss banker and collector of avant-garde art.

Maison La Roche Paris

Maison La Roche Paris

Maison La Roche Paris

Maison La Roche Paris

Photographs © Karavan – for e-architect

Villa La Roche Paris


Villa La Roche Paris Villa La Roche Paris Villa La Roche Paris Villa La Roche Paris Villa La Roche Paris

Hall and landing

Villa La Roche Paris Le Corbusier Building Paris


Villa La Roche
10 square du Docteur-Blanche
75016 Paris, France

Project Description

Villa La Roche is a good example of Le Corbusier’s architecture. Designed for a Swiss banker and art collector. The entire building is an art gallery, an ‘architectural promenade’ – a theme inspired by Le Corbusier’s visit to the Acropolis in 1911 and repeated for the Visual Arts nearly forty years later.

Charles Jencks describes the promenade:

“Open the door, go under a bridge, and the tight space explodes upwards and through punched-out voids that are mysteriously backlit. Go across the triple-height space, look at the Purist paintings, one of which you now seem to be moving through, turn left up a stair, and survey the pure prisms from a balcony”…”Catch your breath, turn around, and proceed to the culmination, La Roche’s curved gallery…Mount the brown ramp to the left, to Le Roche’s aerie, his top-lit library. The spatial sequence is remarkable and remained a constant preoccupation of Le Corbusier. It also became the stock in trade of subsequent Modern architects.”


Villa La Roche Paris 20th Century Architecture in France Modern House in Paris Modern House Paris

Gallery balcony

Modern Home in Paris Modern Home in Paris

Villa La Roche has been thoroughly restored and can be seen in pristine condition – the bright white surfaces and the blues, reds and blacks. The villa is open to the public, administered by the Fondation Le Corbusier, which is based in the adjoining Villa Jeanneret at 8 square du Docteur-Blanche. For visiting hours please call +33 1 42 88 41 53.

The villa is ten minutes’ walk west of Jasmin metro station on Line 9. From the metro station follow rue Jasmin (direction south-west) to the end, turn right onto rue Raffet, then right again onto rue du Docteur Blanche. Square du Docteur-Blance is a private square behind wrought iron gates shortly on your right, with the Villa La Roche at the end (and the Villa Jeanneret on your right just before it).


Modern Home Paris Modern Property in Paris Villa La Roche Paris

Library ; view across walk bridge towards dining room

Le Corbuusier House in Paris Le Corbuusier House Paris

Dining Room

Le Corbuusier House in Paris Le Corbuusier House Paris Le Corbuusier House in Paris


Modern House Paris Modern House Paris

Roof terrace

Modernist House Paris Modernist House Paris

Villa La Roche photos © Karavan

Villa La Roche architect: Le Corbusier

Location: 10 square du Docteur-Blanche, 75016 Paris, France

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