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What Does Condensation on Windows Do to Your Home?

26 May 2022

Foggy windows can be a common sight during colder months. A slim layer of water appears on the glass surface because it is cooler than the air outside and denser, resulting in condensation. Sometimes instead of appearing as “fog” on your windows, it’s drops of water that will run down them if not adequately treated or handled.

Removing these droplets is essential because they continue to drip and cause other unnecessary water piles, leading to messes like mould or mildew that are particularly harmful during winter. If the water freezes, window panes can crack. To your knowledge, condensation can happen on a window’s inside, outside, or in-between surfaces, leading to inevitable consequences.

What does condensation on windows do to your home?

In-between the windowpane

This situation occurs when the air-tight seal loses its strength and fails to contain insulating gas. As a result, leakage leads to the formation of water vapour between the windowpanes. It is a serious concern, and window replacement can be the only resolution in this case. It’s not great for your window’s health and home’s energy efficiency. It would be best to search for new options in windows Ottawa. Ensure that you invest in products that come with lifetime warranties as they can be highly energy efficient.

On the inside windowpane

Condensation on the internal surface of the windows may be an indication of excess humidity or perhaps poor ventilation issues in your house. It can compromise your home’s structure and even affect the wall’s insulation system.

Excess moisture can also create problems for your family’s health as the accumulated water vapour can promote the growth of mould and mildew, giving a tough time to people facing allergy or asthma issues. Hence, if you notice foggy windows, this may be a sign that there is an issue with the filtration system. If not checked, it would lead to mould and mildew building up, or possibly rust forming on different surfaces inside and around the house.

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On the outside of the windowpane

If you notice condensation on the outer surface of windows, it indicates that your fixture is properly working as it should. When humid and warm air hits the colder glass surface of your windows, exterior condensation is likely to occur. Your windows are doing their job by keeping heat transfer and other factors at bay. Still, examine window frames and windowsills from time to time. Gaps in the windows can cause condensation, threatening the wall’s safety.

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What Does Condensation on Windows Do Summary

Condensation-resistant windows make a good choice for these reasons. So, if you are building a new home or facing water vapour issues in your old house, opt for windows that offer adequate protection against this. It’s critical for your mental peace and house’s health. With this, you can also do a few more things for prevention.

For example, switch on the fans, install dehumidifiers, and keep your rooms adequately heated. These will kill moisture, and the risk of condensation will also reduce considerably. However, when browsing through windows, don’t forget to choose the latest styles and suitable materials. After all, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand.

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