Tokyo Matsuya Unity, Higashiueno Building Project Design, Japanese Property Images

Tokyo Matsuya Unity : Taitou-ku Building

Key Development in Tokyo, Japan design by Hugo Kohno Architects Associates

16 Feb 2009

Tokyo Matsuya Unity

Architects: Hugo Kohno / Hugo Kohno Architects Associates

Location city: Higashiueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Matsuya Unity Building

Modern architecture aiming at rediscovering traditional techniques and decorative culture in the Edo period.

Tokyo Matsuya Unity, Higashiueno - Taitou-ku Building

This design rediscovers the traditional techniques and decorative use of Japanese paper from the Edo period. Edo-karakami is the thick paper, originally imported from China, is patterned with ground oyster shell and mica powders and is commonly used to cover sliding doors. ‘Tokyo Matsuya’ is a well-established company that has continued to hand-make Edo-karakami, traditional fusuma paper and Japanese traditional paper, using traditional methods.

The company has also been engraving wooden blocks since the Edo period and have been involved in wholesale publishing since that time. At the lower level of the building, ‘seeing, knowing, and buying’ is communicated upon entering the show room, and at the higher level, ‘living, using, and experiencing’ is conveyed for multiple housing complexes. Japanese paper from the Edo period lined sliding doors and wall spiced up in modern taste. Sliding doors can be opened to refine to space. Shoji (paper sliding door) applied to each home. Natural light shines through.

Tokyo Matsuya Unity Tokyo Matsuya Unity Tokyo Matsuya Unity

The above also relates to hanging gardens, lighting, and ventilation at the middle level.

According to an old saying, ‘a sense of homogeneity with nature is a characteristic of Japanese traditional buildings’ where communal areas are linked and consolidated homogeneously through the architecture. Even in the interior it is possible to sense the light, wind, and natural scenery of the external spaces of this high-rise building.

White wall is painted with the Japanese traditional color haijiro (ash white). Even though the appearance is modern, Japanese motifs such as louvers reminiscent of the sudare (reed screen) are adopt.

Hugo Kohno

Tokyo Matsuya Unity Japan building design by Hugo Kohno Architects Associates Japanese building design by Hugo Kohno Architects Associates Tokyo Matsuya Unity

Tokyo Matsuya Unity Photographers

Photo 01,02,06,07 : Isao Imbe
Photo 04 : Hiroshi Ueda
Photo 05 : Akihisa Miyashita
Photo 03,08 : Hugo Kohno

HUGO KOHONO Architect Associates

Tokyo Matsuya Unity #1101, Higashi Ueno, 6-1-3 Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Matsuya Unity images / information from Hugo Kohno Architects Associates

Location: 6-1-3 Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, eastern Asia

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