Baltmannsweiler Town Hall, Esslingen Building Project, Baden-Württemberg Architecture Photos

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler Building

15 June 2021

New Baltmannsweiler City Hall

Design: Zoll Architekten Stadtplaner

Location: Baltmannsweiler, district of Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, south west Germany

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building

City Hall of Baltmannsweiler by Zoll Architekten Stadtplaner

Photos by Zooey Braun

Urban planning

The street space of the Baltmannsweiler thoroughfare is created by the structure of the new town hall and redefined its striking building corner protruding to the south. The main facade of the town hall the main entrance is oriented towards the redesigned marketplace. The multifunctional space is Suitable for events and celebrations and also serves as a parking lot.

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building

Building concept

The town hall shows itself confidently as a monolithic solitaire. The differently tailored façade openings reveal the importance of the functions behind them. The heart of the The building, the council chamber, is characterized by a two-storey glazing element facing the market square down significantly. Floor-to-ceiling glazing on the ground floor ensures transparency and stands for one citizen-friendly administration.

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building

Ground floor:

A recessed glass facade in the entrance area creates a sufficiently dimensioned canopy created in front of the main entrance. The foyer forms the central point of contact and presents generous and open. The north-western area is separated by a glass wall citizens’ office with its attractive waiting area. A free-standing, elegant steel staircase in front of you massive supply core with elevator and sanitary areas connects the floors with each other and forms an exciting central stairwell that is supplied with daylight by 3 skylights.

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building

1st floor:

Generous façade openings ensure sufficient daylight and provide views into the street spaces free. This is made up of the two-storey council chamber, which faces the market square, and is glazed up to the ceiling heart of the town hall. The wedding room, oriented to the southwest, can be equipped with a mobile if required partition wall to be connected to the council chamber. The office of the mayor and the local building authority, tea kitchen, chair storage and filing system complement the functions on the upper floor.

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building


In addition to the air space of the council chamber, the office space for the finance department is located in the attic community treasury and an attractive lounge area with a roof terrace for employees of administration.


The facade of the building is characterized by the exciting alternation of large glass surfaces, standing window elements and closed facade surfaces with clinker masonry. Through the generous glass surfaces are the special uses behind them such as council hall, wedding room, citizen’s office or foyer clearly legible in the facade. The standing window elements of the office and adjoining rooms lead to a strict structure of the remaining facade areas and are in contrast to the generous glass surfaces of the special uses.

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building

The clinker brick of the facade surfaces extends over the soffit of the canopy into the foyer and takes place as wall cladding of the massive supply core behind the white steel stairs continuation in the interior.

Large wall paneling made of oak, white painted steel railings, perforated plasterboard ceilings and glass partition walls, together with the Jurassic lime flooring, form he foyer and the access areas create an elegant atmosphere suitable for use.

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen building

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Photos: Zooey Braun

Rathaus Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen information / images received June 2021

Location: Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, south west Germany, western Europe

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