Auchoish Steadings Scotland: Argyll House

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Auchoish Steadings, Argyll House

Residential Development in Scotland: Scottish House design by Studio KAP Architects

19 Jan 2010

Auchoish Steadings

Location: Argyll
Date built: 2008
Design: Studio KAP, Architects

Auchoish Steadings, Scotland - Argyll House

Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings

New House in Auchoish

Auchoish is a remotely situated farm steading surrounded by rough pasture just below the tree-line to the north-east of Lochgilphead. Traditional stone outbuildings, broadly C-shaped in plan, required refurbishment and conversion as further living accommodation.

The project was distinguished by three particular factors: very limited budget, very difficult site access and a very small contractor. All had a pervasive influence on the way we designed and built, from the nature of the spaces created through to environmental strategy, materiality and the nature of information exchange on site. Accepted positively we found these constraints on materials, energy and manpower lead to a particularly responsive, and effectively more vernacular, approach to the building – working and thinking closely with the contractor to carefully direct limited local resources.

Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings

The plan is manipulated to create sequences of rooms and spaces – cellular and open, self-contained and en filade – that offer varied relationships to natural light, courtyard and open fields, exposure and protection.

Hot water and space heating are provided by a geothermal heat pump (supplemented by woodburning stove). Electrical power is generated on site by a wind turbine with bi-directional link to the national grid.

Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings Auchoish Steadings

GIA Residential Award 2009

Auchoish Steadings information from Studio KAP Architects

Auchoish Steadings photos from Keith Hunter, based in Paisley, south west of Glasgow.

Studio KAP

Location: Auchoish, Scotland

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Argyll House : RIAS Best Building in Scotland Award Finalist 2008

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