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White Cube Apartment, Russia

Russian Residential Development – design by ARCH625 Architects

20 May 2013

Russian Apartment

Design: ARCH62

Location: Russia

White Cube Apartment

White Cube Russian Apartment interior design

It would seem, after ten years of a fashion on light tone it is difficult to surprise with an interior in a white palette, however it was possible to architect Sergey Nasedkin: the radical white interior created by it opens new possibilities of this color.

White Cube Russia White Cube Russia White Cube Russia
photos from architect

The author of the project doesn’t make advances to shades, doesn’t call “to the aid” difficult and expressive invoices and doesn’t bring bright accents. The space reminds a white cube – architectural continuation of a subject “Black square”.

Undoubtedly, possibility to create such interesting project appeared thanks to mutual understanding of the architect and the customers who have not limited creativity of Sergey Nasedkin. Owners of the apartment wished to receive the spacious functional dwelling in modern style and for performance of this task the most courageous experiments were ready on any, even.

White Cube Russia White Cube Russia White Cube Russia White Cube Russia
photos from architect

The apartment in the area of 80 sq.m was initially planned as the space divided into small isolated rooms and narrow corridors, ruthlessly “stealing” the open space. However any of internal partitions wasn’t bearing, and “labyrinth” managed to be liquidated without effort, having opened a free, harmonious and proportional room.

Besides, the loggia was attached to the apartment: it allowed not only to add some square meters, but also to decorate the central zone with a wide panoramic window. New planning is free and “widely”: from a compact hall the portal in the extensive general zone consisting of free spaces smoothly passing each other opens. The capacious winter wardrobe is separated from a drawing room by composition from magnificent room palm trees: specially for them in a floor deepening was made to hide in soil from a marble crumb flowerpots. The drawing room is combined with an office which is in the deep niche formed by the expressive panel from zebrano.

White Cube Russia White Cube Russia White Cube Russia White Cube Russia
photos from architect

The color palette of an interior seems to the borrowed at operational or scientific laboratory: absolutely white walls, snow-white ceiling and white glossy bulk floor. However one imperceptible, but effective reception the author gave to space expressiveness and ease: instead of traditional plinths and borders between walls, a floor and a false ceiling thin “cracks” with the built-in illumination are left.

This “gaping” not only emphasizes a design, but also causes feeling of ease, zero gravity. The thin and long built-in lamps are rhymed with being shone “cracks”. One of the main principles of this interior – is as little as possible partitions: even the wall between kitchen and a bathroom appeared “discrete”. When the bathroom is free, it is separated from kitchen only by the panel from transparent glass: it not only optically increases kitchen, but also opens unusual bathroom equipment of design of Philippe Starck for the general review. However, if someone comes into a bathroom and turns on the light – the wall changes from transparent to opaque.

This project appeared under the influence of the Moscow constructivism: the decorative decision is extremely minimalist: there is no nonfunctional element. It seems to me, such style is actual and perspective: simplicity, ergonomics and adaptability to manufacture is the main way of development of modern design.

White Cube images / information from ARCH625

Location: Moscow, Russia

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