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Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura Contact Details

Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura

Tel +39 041 984884
e-mail: filippo(at)
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Address: Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura, Piazzetta da Re, 30174 Mestre – Venice – Italy

Caprioglio Associati – About us

Architect studio based in Venice

Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura, Venice
photograph : Paolo Belvedere

The Caprioglio Associates Architecture Firm was founded in 1999 as natural prosecution, progress and unification of the offices of Veneto and Friuli of architect Giovanni Caprioglio whom, with the son Filippo Caprioglio, more gives run to one new professional reality extended not only the national territory, but that expands it’s own possibilities also to international experiences and of the industrial design.

The values that the study promotes are those of the advanced culture of the project, above all for its attention to the real requirements of the client and of the historical and physical atmosphere in which it becomes part. From the great public complexes to the private building, the job of the Caprioglio Associates has fixed, in its temporal distance, episodes that have characterized the territory of belongings and enriched the research, technical and formal, of which the contemporary architecture it has made the own flag.

Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura Experience

Various fields of architecture: Masterplans, Public Buildings, Single family houses, Interiors and retail.

Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura Awards

First prizes or mentions in numerous competitions

Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura Projects

Asolo Foothills House, Treviso, Italy
Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura
Asolo Foothills House
photograph : Paolo Belvedere

The complex is made of two bodies among them adjacent and linked, which constitute a precious historical rural building. The domestic unit extends linearly towards the old granary on the ground floor through a system of stair and a catwalk on the firs floor from where is possible to reach the attic.

The internal partition was conceived and realized with the clear intention of maintaining in great evidence all the reference and suggestion of the preexistence with particular attention at the relation between interior and exterior. Through the basement, where the cellar had been placed, is possible to reach the garage excavated under the hill.

The restoration of the domestic portion had a conservative approach, respecting the original fenestration and materials, like the original yellow stone, while the rural annex had been preserved for its structure but paneled, using a contemporary approach, with teak wood for the exterior. With the same material was paneled the cube that host part of the kitchen. Operating in such a morphological defined environment, all the work relative to the external conditions was made with great respect for the territory without altering the existing condition.

Caprioglio Associati – recent building : Asolo Foothills House, Treviso, Italy

Casin di Palazzo Lezze, Venice, Italy
Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura
Casin di Palazzo Lezze
photograph : Paolo Monello

The building is located in the borough (sestiere) of Cannaregio in Venice, on the ground floor of the complex of Palazzo Lezze, at the end of the garden facing the water. This type of structure is called Casin (warehouse), and was designed, regarding the façade facing the Rio della Sensa by Baldassarre Longhena.

The access through the door of water is guaranteed by the new system of step made of blocks of Istria stone from which is possible to reach the level of the bank. This helped to maintain opened the big wooden gate on the water and to let the light in and also the water in the moment of high tides. From this space, through a glass cube, you enter in the house; this vestibule helps the light to enter the interior, otherwise not well lighted, and gets diffused through the reflection.

The ground floor is a full open space that hosts the living, the kitchen and a hidden bath. The stair divides the space without interrupting the general continuity. The loft sits on the new thin steel columns without touching the original walls. The large library surround the perimeter of the double high space connected by a system of light catwalks. Materials are proper of the Venetian tradition like the Istria or the trachite, stones along with glass and steel.

Casin di Palazzo Lezze, Venice, Italy

New exit Latisana Ronchis – UD, New motorway Ronchis Latisana (A4 Venice – Trieste), Italy
Nuovo Casello Latisana Ronchis – UD
Veneto tollgate
picture from architect

The inspiring theme of the project derives from the imagination of the new tollgate as a “gate”. A threshold, in territorial scale, between the indifferent highway ribbon of the plain territory of Friuli and Veneto, and the cultural and territorial environment of the “Bassa Friulana” The impressive dimension of the tollgate, of fourteen doors, needed the approach to the maximum lightness of the complex.

Same for the symbolic aspect, that was intended as a territorial landmark, as the ones already present. From the vertex of the cone, light stainless steel cables, almost invisibles in the daylight, are departing, holding the structure of the wings dialoging with the space and light of the sky.

The structure is paneled in zinc and titanium that helps to lightened the entire complex, evidently massive, by merging it’s tomes and reflection of varying surfaces, opaque and shining, that set up a dialog with the light so to obtain a great effect of lightness.

Caprioglio Associati Staff Information

Chairman: Giovanni Caprioglio
Partner: Filippo Caprioglio

Location: Piazzetta da Re, 30174 Mestre, Venice, Italy, southern Europe

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