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Bodø Nye Kulturhus, Norway

Concert Hall Competition Norway design by Langdon Reis Zahn architects

9 Mar 2009

Bodø Concert Hall

Concert hall competition, Norway

Shortlisted entries for the international competition to design a new library and concert hall in Bodo, Norway, won by drdharchitects 5 Mar 2009

Langdon Reis Zahn : Bodø Kultur I Sentrum – Invited Competition in bodø

Bodø Nye Kulturhus
image : Rock Hunter

London – Langdon Reis Zahn in collaboration with 4B Arkitekter and Gullik Gulliksen Landscape Arkitekter have completed the second phase of the Bodø Kultur I Sentrum Competition. They were invited to participate along with drdh Architects (London), General Architecture (Sweden), CF Moller (Denmark), Medplan (Norway), and Lundgaard & Tranberg (Denmark).

Bodo Kulturhus competition entry Bodo Kulturhus entry
images : Rock Hunter

The Bodø Kulturhus and Library consists of two public buildings; a new city library (5,500m²) and a concert hall/theatre (7,350m²), with a construction budget of approximately 800,000,000 NOK.

Following the judging of the second round DRDH Architects have been selected to build the theatre/concert hall and the library.

Langdon Reis Zahn is a collaborative architecture, design and research studio based in London. For more information please visit

Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall

Bodø Kulturhus + Bibliotek – Design Concept

Bodø’s new cultural centre will be:
a social, public and communal space;
a space that connects both the local community and its visitors;
a space that responds to the expectations and imagination of both the local community and its visitors – tourists and/or migrants;
a space that enhances the local democratic and social traditions, as well as the natural and pre-existing built environment;
a space that seeks interaction (open to communal and diverse ranges of activities), playfulness and poetic contemplation
an accessible space, a place to be proud of and belong to.
a glistening jewel which plays with the diverse qualties of light in the arctic region and brings the spectacular atmosphere of the northern landscape into the buidings
an urban project that seeks to create a cultural ecology
a space intrinsically linked to the sense of human scale, participation and creativity.

Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall

Building Synergy
The Bodø Nye Kulturhus and the Bibliotek need to be intrinsically linked both through their own architecture, and by the space in between. This interstitial space must be cohesive, connected, fluid and dynamic. It must define and delimit the cultural precinct, whilst connecting to other public spaces located in the immediate vicinity and in other parts of the city. Together the buildings must form an ensemble of parts that make up a clearly identifiable and distinctive precinct that will leave a lasting memory in the minds of both locals and visitors to Bodø.
The diverse activities- recreational, cultural, communal and commercial, must collide and intersect to create a vibrant and dynamic cultural ecology. The buildings must form the foundations for this activity to occur.

Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall

Built form hypothesis
The built forms take their initial inspiration from the merging between natural and artificial landscapes i.e. the natural glacial topographies/fjords and the rigid city grid. The buildings merge with the ground, almost as if carved from the same solid mass. They stand like rocks in a stream.

The forms of the buildings are in harmony with their surroundings, both natural and man-made. They have been shaped in response to view corridors, solar access, wind, visibility and access.
Careful manipulation of the building forms and the creation of sheltered entrances aims to slow passers-by and provide shelter from extreme weather when needed.
The aesthetic qualities of the buildings seek to both connect and contrast with the existing urban fabric with respect and understanding. Heights have been set so as not to dominate the existing buildings.

Façade Concept
Both the Bodo Nye Kulturhus and the Bibliotek are clad using the same façade system. The solidity and continuity of the two building’s facades strengthens links across the sites and clearly defines the new cultural precint. The façade emphasises the carved geometries of the buildings by creating large planar surfaces that include subtle creases and directional lines that relate to views, wind and access to light. The interplay of faceted surfaces means the building will take on a wide variety of qualities when viewed from different angles or at different times of the day, whether it’s clear and sunny, overcast or dark.

Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall

The Ceramic Tile Panel
The tiled panel will be approximately 1.5m X 3m. The tiles themselves will be 600mm X 200mm with one splayed edge. When viewed from a distance the large panels will be recognisable and when viewed in close proximity the individual tiles will be more dominant. The tiles themselves may come from Hoganas, the company who made the Sydney Opera House tiles (a homage to Utzon), they will be white ceramic, however some tiles will be lightly pigmented using natural ochres from the regions around Bodo, colours will range from brown, red and yellow. These colours will give the buildings a dynamic quality and a soft elegance that will reflect the surrounding landscapes, sky, buildings and light, in many ways.

Bodø Concert Hall Bodø Concert Hall

Pattern + Shape
The shape of the single tile is an abstraction derived from drying codfish on traditional timber structures (please refer to diagram). Each tile has one splayed edge, the adjacent tile is then rotated 180º to form a rectangle between two tiles. This pattern is then repeated across each panel. From a distance the pattern jumps in scale ,12 tiles form one panel. The panels are placed parallel to the angle of the facets they are on.. This means on each facet the tile pattern creates lines that slightly change in direction, helping reinforce the buildings shape, and referencing the rock formations near the Saltstraumen.

Bodo Nye Kulturhus : main page with winners details


Municipality of Bodø with the National Association of Norwegian Architects
Open ideas competition

Shared First Prize
DRDH Architects ; Florian Hultsch; General Architecture; Langdon Reis Zahn

Winners – through to next round:
DRDH Architects ; General Architecture; Langdon Reis Zahn

Announced: May 2008
Location: inner marina, city centre

Proposed Facilities
Bodo Nye Kulturhus – Concert Hall & Theatre + New Library

The 3 winners: DRDH Architects + Langdon Reis Zahn + General Architecture

Bodo Nye Kulturhus Building images / information from DRDH Architects 280508

Langdon Reis Zahn
Joint First Prize
Open International Competition, Bodø, Norway

Bodø design Bodø competition Bodø plan

London – Langdon Reis Zahn have won the Open International Design Competition for a new Library and Theatre/Concert Hall in Bodo, Norway.

They shared the first prize along with drdh Architects (London), General Architecture (Sweden) and Florian Hultsch (Germany).

The first stage of the competition was an open ideas competition intended to clarify the location, massing and articulation of the built forms, composition and urban design of the adjacent site areas and public spaces.

The new cultural centre is projected to be approximately 11,700 sq.m. (126,000 square feet) with a construction budget of NOK 630,000,000.

Langdon Reis Zahn, drdh Architects and General Architecture have been invited to participate in the second round of the competition which will determine the practice selected to build the theatre/concert hall and the library.

Bodo Nye Kulturhus: Building PR from Langdon Reis Zahn Architects 280508

General Architecture
Joint First Prize
Open International Competition, Bodø, Norway

Bodø project Bodø competition design

“In the open ideas competition for the urban framework and cultural centre in Bodø, Norway, General Architecture, GA, was awarded a joint first price, and with this a chance to develop the proposal further in an upcoming design competition. The proposal establishes a urban connection across the harbour basin by placing the two main buildings, a concert hall and a library building, on opposing sides. This connection between the two buildings is physical as well as visual, and further emphasised by a promenade along the quay. This creates a continuous urban fabric, and re-establishes the harbour as the heart of the city.”

General Architecture is an architecture practice based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2002 and currently employing 7 architects. The practice works mainly with large scale projects in urban planning, infrastructure and architecture, and has been awarded in several international architecture competitions.

General Architecture

Bodo Nye Kulturhus : Building information from General Architecture 280508

Location: Bodø, Norway

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