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Kielder Forest Architecture / Art

Forest Park in Northumberland, north east England, UK

15 Jun 2006

Kielder Forest Park

The British excel at taking a beautiful structure and destroying it with a thoughtless structure. The Crannog at Loch Tay for example, spoilt by an insensitive annexe; many Castles, damaged by the tearooms and shops intended to promote them, but instead designed so feebly as to thwart them.

Kielder Water Sculpture

Kielder Forest Architecture, Northumbria
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Here are some photos of Softroom’s pavilion by the Kielder Water reservoir in Northumbria. The Press often show a building cropped of crude context and boosted by Photoshop, my site included. But here is some reality:

softroom architecture
softroom pavilion

“When I was at the Kielder lake’s edge, home of a renowned architectural intervention by softroom architects, I have to say I was disappointed in more ways than I was thrilled, the frontage is interesting and the material contrast thought-provoking; however, walk around it, and you find an uneasy feeling develops.

bathroom architecture
bathroom pillion

The rest of the experience is dull, the interior even more so.

To top it all the Forestry people in their wisdom have erected four temporary toilets right beside the structure effectively ‘taking the piss out of it’.”

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no link, kielder forest
shiny pillow

Belvedere images 1 + 4 by softroom architecture
Belvedere images 2 + 3 by frazer hay

Kielder Water Shelter – launched 2009
Kielder Water Shelter
photo : Peter Sharpe

Location:Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland, England

Kielder Forest Buildings

Kielder Observatory
Kielder Observatory
picture from architect

The Kielder Belvedere is designed not as a piece of contemporary sculpture but as a shelter. It has a certain functional and typological similarity to An Turas by Sutherland Hussey & various artists

55/02, Kielder Shelter
sixteen*(makers) at The Bartlett UCL
55/02 Kielder
photo © UCL

Newcastle Architecture – Selection

Sage Gateshead
Foster + Partners
Sage Gateshead
image © Adrian Welch
Newcastle Concert Hall

Dance City
Malcolm Fraser Architects
Dance City Newcastle
image © Morley von Sternberg
Newcastle Dance City

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Kielder Water Sculpture

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