Strogino Design Competition Moscow River Embankment News, Russian Architecture Contest 2020

Moscow River Embankment Competition

23 Oct 2020

Strogino River Embankment Design Competition

Location: Strogino, Moscow, Russia

3 Firms Shortlisted for Moscow River Embankment In Strogino

Two Russian and one international consortia reach the final of the competition to develop riverbanks in Strogino
On October 21, the jury of the Open International Online Architectural Competition for developing the right bank of the River Moskva from Moscow Ring Road to Stroginskoe Shosse (Highway) held its first online meeting. The jury analyzed 36 applications of the bidders and selected three finalists.

During the online session, the jury members evaluated the participants’ applications based on a number of criteria: relevance of the projects presented in the portfolio, their originality and efficiency, as well as the degree of implementation, the essay content and validity of the key ideas and approaches to the project concept development.

At the second competition stage, two Russian and a Russian-German consortium will work on the Strogino concept development. They include 13 companies, the absolute majority of which are Moscow-based. The consortia leaders are well-known urban design and architectural design studios with projects of iconic public areas development in their portfolios. Many of them have received Russian and international awards.

• Consortium led by Citymakers LLC (Moscow, Russia)
– Participants: MASTER’S PLAN LLC (Moscow, Russia), BB ZOLOTO LLC (Moscow, Russia), ARTEZA LD LLC (Moscow, Russia), Kamen Art Group LLC (Moscow, Russia), APEX Design Bureau LLC (Moscow, Russia)

• Consortium led by AB WOWHAUS (Moscow, Russia)
– Participant: TSPA (Berlin, Germany)

• Consortium led by Orchestra Design LLC (St. Petersburg, Russia; Paris, France)
– Participants: 8 L LLC (Moscow, Russia), NGO IRK (Moscow, Russia), Faculty of Geography of the Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), SP Maltsev Grigory Andreevich (Moscow, Russia).

Along with the three finalists listed above, who were selected according to the terms of the competition and received the highest rating, the jury also mentioned high quality of applications submitted by four other teams:

• Consortium led by AI-architects LLC (Moscow, Russia)
– Participants: NGO Association Guild of Landscape Engineers (Moscow, Russia), the Peoples Friendship University (Moscow, Russia), SP Sheredega Y.V. (Moscow, Russia), TOLK (Kaluga, Russia)

• Consortium led by TPO PRIDE LLC (Moscow, Russia)
– Participant: MADMA (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

• Consortium led by AB Narodny Arkhitektor LLC (Moscow, Russia)
– Participants: aZONEguide (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Dr. William Veerbeek / Doctor of Science (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Ilyina I.N. / Environmentalist, professor of the HSE (Moscow, Russia)

• Consortium led by BURO (BUROMOSCOW) LLC (Moscow, Russia)
Participants: FELIXX (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), HabidatumInternational (New York, USA), Deltares (Delft, the Netherlands).

These four teams will be invited to develop the project proposal without participating in the distribution of the Competition Prize Fund.

22 Oct 2020
96 Firms Enter Moscow River Embankment In Strogino

96 Companies From 11 Countries Applied To Participate In The Competition For The Development Of The Strogino Embankment

October 2020 – 96 companies from 11 countries have applied to participate in the Open International Architectural Competition for the development of the Strogino embankment. They will have to develop a project for comprehensive improvement of the territory, preserving the unique natural landscape intact, but making it safe and comfortable for recreation.

Strogino River Embankment Design Competition Moscow

October 15 was the application deadline. The competition site is part of the Moskvoretsky Natural Historical Park specially protected natural area (SPNA). Therefore, the participants are required to know the features of protected areas, being as careful as possible towards flora and fauna, thoroughly analyzing landslide processes to design the territory fully accessible for people with limited mobility.

“Specially protected natural areas do not mean that they should be wild, abandoned and inaccessible for recreation. They need to be taken care of, so the competition is an attempt to find a balance between comfort for people and good for nature. It aroused great interest among the professional community not only in Russia, but also in different parts of the world. Despite a short period given to submit applications, the Organizing Committee has approved 36 applications from 26 cities located in 11 countries. The Netherlands became the leader among foreign participants submitting as many as 7 applications. Three participants will represent Germany, the United States, the UK, France and Italy. Two companies from Switzerland and one each from Singapore, India and Kazakhstan will also join the fight for victory,” said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow and Chairman of the Competition Jury.

Those wishing to develop the concept of the Strogino embankment had to submit a portfolio of completed projects relevant to the competition task, as well as to prepare a short essay describing their vision of the updated embankment. After filling out the application form, 96 companies from 11 countries joined the list of participants. A total of 36 applications were submitted: 12 applicants will participate in the competition individually and 84 – as part of 24 multinational consortia. There were even more people who wanted to take part in the competition – 134 participants from 22 countries registered on the site, but some of them failed to pass the selection process.

Dina Sattarova, CEO of the State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow (GRADPLAN Moscow):
“Based on the results of communication with the park residents, their concerns about the planned human interference in this specially protected natural area are quite understood. Every tree should be saved! Along with distrust, the residents are dissatisfied with the current state of things – a crumbling embankment, irrelevant old-fashioned design of the park, its ecological paths and fishing sites. The competition is believed to generate a new bank of ideas to develop a modern design concept for the park with its picnic gazebos, benches, children’s and sports grounds. It will allow planning new bicycle and pedestrian paths along the existing routes together with local residents.”

The application deadline was October 15 for every team to participate in the competition – the official website This week two important events of the competition take place: yesterday Expert Council held a meeting and prepared its recommendations to a jury. The jury meeting is scheduled for October 21, during which three finalists will be selected to share their ideas concerning the Strogino embankment first, and then to start developing their projects. On December 2, the winner will be selected.

The competition has been initiated by the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow (Moskomarkhitektura) and is organized by the State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow (GRADPLAN Moscow). The Agency for Strategic Development CENTER is the competition operator. The jury consists of ecologists, landscape architects, representatives of public authorities, experts in the field of architecture, economics, marketing, real estate and urban planning. The jury has been headed by the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

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2 Oct 2020

Strogino Design Competition Moscow River Embankment

Location: Strogino, Moscow, Russia

The Jury Started Accepting Applications For The Open International Architectural Competition To Develop The Moscow River Embankment In Strogino

Moscow, October 2, 2020 – Today, we started accepting applications from participants of the Open International Architectural Competition to develop the territory of the right bank embankment of the Moscow River from the MKAD to Strogino Highway. The competition will be held online.

Applications will be accepted on the official project website until October 15. The most important conditions to operate on the competition area include the need to comply with all environmental and other requirements for working with specially protected natural areas, and participating in teams of landscape architects.

The competition has been initiated by Moscomarchitecture and is organized by the state institution “NI and PI Gradplan of the City of Moscow” as a singe municipal operator to implement the urban development concept to develop territories adjacent to the Moscow River and the Khimki Reservoir.

Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow: “We have launched a competition for a new park in Strogino. There are excellent natural resources here that will not only be preserved, but also in some sense multiplied. If we provide this territory with a comfortable infrastructure, we will get a very interesting green space with a careful attitude to nature, safe at any time of the day, adapted for recreation and equally accessible to everyone. I encourage everyone who is interested in taking part in this exciting work, to submit applications. The competition has already been announced, so we started accepting the applications today.”

The area of the competition territory is 105.5 ha. It is located in the North-Western administrative district of the city of Moscow and is bounded by the right bank of the Moscow River, the Moscow Ring Road and Isakovsky Street. Strogino is one of the oldest districts in Moscow with good transport accessibility and developed infrastructure. There are three metro stations there – Strogino, Shchukinskaya and Myakinino. The territory under consideration is a key part of the city’s natural and recreational framework, which is part of the Moskvoretsky natural and historical park.

Dina Sattarova, Director of the state institution “NI and PI Gradplan of the City of Moscow”: “The goal of the competition is to create a high-quality, comfortable, inclusive urban environment for recreation of citizens, as well as to preserve and maintain a unique landscape creating a recognizable image of this territory, which is part of the Moskvoretsky natural and historical park. The Northern bank of the Strogino floodplain is sandy, and the sandy soil is most susceptible to the destructive effects of water.

The sloping part of the Spassky Backwater bank is destroyed by river washout, and the high steep slopes facing the Moscow river are also destroyed by rainwater, whose active flow forms deep ravines and crevices. All this will eventually lead to the destruction of the bank, the fall of trees and the washing of soil into the water. Therefore, the primary task of the contestants is to offer interesting and innovative solutions to protect the riverbanks taking into account the specifics of this protected natural area. Other measures are also needed to preserve and maintain the unique natural landscape, to ensure maximum safety of people in this area.”

The Open International Competition will be held in two stages. The first one ends on October 21, when the jury will announce three finalists depending on the results of submitted applications. The winners will be determined based on their portfolios of completed projects that demonstrate relevant experience, as well as essays describing the main ideas to form the future concept base. The teams will start developing their concepts, and a winner will be determined at the final jury meeting on December 2. The CENTER Agency for Strategic Development is responsible for the competition procedure.

The organizers are waiting for proposals coming from participants on architectural and planning, spatial and landscape solutions for the improvement of the embankment to integrate into the environment, taking into account the requirements for a specially protected natural area. That is why landscape architects, professionals in the field of strategic development of territories and urban planning, architecture, design, creation and development of public spaces are invited to participate. Preference will be given to teams with proven experience working with natural areas.

Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov is the Chairman of the jury. The jury consists of landscape architects, environmentalists, representatives of public authorities, experts in the field of architecture, economics, marketing, real estate and urban planning.

The total prize fund of the competition is 14,000,000 rubles. Of these, 11,000,000 rubles will be spent as payment fees to a winner and finalists of the second round. Another 3,000,000 rubles is an additional remuneration to the winner after the jury accepts his final revised concept version.

As part of the competition preparation, Gradplan as a single city operator and coordinator of projects developed on the Moscow river embankments, conducted a comprehensive analytical study of the territory to be improved on the Moscow river’s right bank from the MKAD to Strogino highway. The goal of the research was to identify the area potential and the needs of those who live there. As a result of the research, the current situation and the main directions to develop the territory were analyzed, the world experience of working with reference examples was consolidated, and the needs of the population were taken into account.


The Moscow River

The Moscow river is a business card of the Russian capital. Its length within the Moscow region is 473 km, the basin area is 17,600 km². The river begins on a slope of the Smolensk-Moscow Upland and flows into the Oka on the territory of Kolomna. The length of the shoreline of the Moscow river within the city limits, including the Khimki reservoir, is 246 km, and the total area of the territory adjacent to the Moscow river and the Khimki reservoir is 12,270 ha.

As of 2020, the landscaped embankments are 77.1 km long. As part of the project to implement the Concept of urban development of the territories adjacent to the Moscow river and the Khimki reservoir, it is planned to improve 117.6 km of embankments of the Moscow river and the Khimki reservoir, adding another 16 to the 45 existing bridges.


Moscomarchitecture is responsible for forming and developing the legal base for the city of Moscow in the field of urban planning and architectural activities; performs activities that relate to territorial planning, pre-project preparation and property design of city programs in the field of capital construction, cartographic works and engineering surveys. Y.V. Knyazhevskaya is Chairman of the Committee; Sergey Kuznetsov is the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee and Chief Architect of the City of Moscow.

Under his leadership, many processes in the professional environment have speeded up to improve the quality of architectural and planning solutions, integrating Moscow into the international process of assessing the quality of architectural projects. A number of architectural competitions and educational activities continue; large-scale urban development projects and city programs are being implemented to build an open dialogue between the city, architect and investor.
State Institution “NI and PI Gradplan of the City of Moscow”

NI and PI Gradplan of the City of Moscow develops urban planning documentation for the territories, performs a preliminary assessment of urban potential of the territory, develops plans for several urban projects to implement, including commercial, budgetary and socio-economic effectiveness of urban development.

In 2017, Moscow’s senior officials appointed NI and PI Gradplan of the city of Moscow as a single city operator in order to implement the urban development concept on the territories adjacent to the Moscow river and the Khimki reservoir. In 2018, the Institute expanded its powers to coordinate the projects developed on the Moscow river embankments, in terms of interaction with Federal executive authorities, Moscow city executive authorities, and investors.

Over 6 years of operation, the state institution “NI and PI Gradplan of the City of Moscow” has completed more than 385 projects in 527 territories. Employees of the Institute conducted more than 435 assessments of the urban development potential of territories, evaluated the economic efficiency of implementing design solutions for 519 projects of urban development of territories, took part in 5 professional competitions of Federal and International scale, performed 7 research works, conducted 5 sociological studies with the participation of 35,000 respondents, as well as 5 field surveys on areas of more than 6,782 ha.


The CENTER Agency for Strategic Development

This is a Russian analytical and consulting organization that implements integrated projects in the fields of development, urban planning and urbanism, one of the leading operators of architectural and urban planning and design competitions. The CENTER Agency was established in Moscow in 2014. It deals with issues of integrated development of territories and real estate objects, as well as the quality of urban environment in more than 60 regions of Russia.

The main activities of the company: development of concepts for the development of territories and functional programming of the environment; analytics and research; GR and public-private partnership; professional competitions in the field of urban planning, architecture and design; organization of expert events and educational programs; territorial branding.

The CENTER Agency’s portfolio includes projects implemented for major developers, investment companies, owners of territories and facilities, federal and regional government agencies, and professional communities. Some of the CENTER’s projects were implemented in strategic partnership with local governments of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation.

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Strogino Design Competition Moscow River Embankment information / image received 021020

Location: Moscow, Russia

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