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Paseo Acoxpa : Mexican Shopping Center

Mexican Shopping Center – design by Grupo Arquitech

14 Sep 2011

Paseo Acoxpa México

Location: south side of México City, México

Design: Grupo Arquitech, Mexico

Address: Acoxpa 430, Ex Hacienda Coapa, Tlalpan, 14300 Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Contact: Phone +52 55 5678 1758

Paseo Acoxpa Paseo Acoxpa Shopping Center Paseo Acoxpa Mexico

Paseo Acoxpa shopping centre is located south of Mexico City surrounded by a residential area with a high commercial value. Its doors were opened on April 2010. The characteristic of the project is to be an open space developed mostly on one level with a principal commercial corridor connected with two small transverse corridors the ones allows easy access to public parking and one of them direct access to two anchors located on the upper floor set. Both the architectural and commercial component allows urban regeneration in the area for being a contemporary building with aesthetic qualities, functional and durable.

Pase Acoxpa shopping centre is a watershaded in the concept of shopping malls in Mexico, in the economic development of the area and the daily life of the surrounding population. The extraordinary combination of trademarks, commercial concepts and the cutting edge design succeed in creating a unique space, “a benchmark” that benefit both investors and users.

The mall’s design posed the challenge of creating an open space; however, the climatic conditions of Mexico City advised protect it from wind, rain and sun. This was solved by creating two very high walls in shops and translucent white sailcloth thus generated the necessary brightness. The sailcloth to be tall it makes more the functions of a sky rather than a ceiling reaching the seek sensation of outer space and at the same time to be protected from weather.

Shopping Center Mexico Mexico Shopping Center Mexican Shopping Center

There are several key reasons for the success of the project. One is the innovation of the building design concept for bringing a new vision for the shopping centers in Mexico. Another important reason was the collection of rainwater for irrigation use. And reuse the wastewater processed in a treatment plant, and distributed to each location via a network that can be used for sanitary equipment.

The front facade ventilated of the building to climatic optimization. Development also succeeds in changing the urban image in context, replacing the building and pre-existing commercial use resulting in a positive change into the community. Just as the complement of trademarks of which lacked the zone, serving the multiple needs of clients.

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Location: Acoxpa 430, Tlalpan, 14300 Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal, México, North America

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