Liverpool buildings you have to see before you die

Liverpool buildings you have to see before you die, Historic Merseyside architecture designs

Liverpool Buildings You Have to See Before You Die

21 Nov 2019

Major Liverpool Buildings You Have to See Before You Die

Having once been the second greatest city of the empire, Liverpool put too many efforts in the post-war years of the 20th century into its rebirth. The situation improved when economic and social recovery made the city center and old docks “shine”, and when the city was chosen as the European capital of culture in 2008. These events changed the way those who don’t really live in Liverpool regard it as.

Some may object to the very concept of Liverpool “culture”, but this city has its own Tate gallery, a series of innovative museums, and striking social history. Two football teams of the city (Liverpool and Everton) are the foundation of the Liverpool culture. And let’s not forget that Liverpool is also proud of its musical heritage, which is justified for the city that spawned the Beatles.

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So, here’s our list of the Liverpool buildings which are worth seeing:

Liverpool Buildings You Have to See Guide

Liverpool Cathedral

Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool building
photo courtesy of article provider

On the hill behind the Lime Street, near Mount Pleasant, an amazingly shaped Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King rises. According to the original plans of the architect Edwin Lutyens, the cathedral was supposed to be larger than St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. But after the Second World War, the city’s power started evaporating, which made it necessary to reduce the size of the cathedral.

The modern building was designed by Sir Frederick Gibbert in 1962-1967, which combined elements of neo-Byzantine and futuristic styles. The cathedral is a rotunda bedecked with a stylization of a crown of thorns. The height of the cathedral is 85 meters. On the conical roof, there is a light lamp (21 meters). The ceremonial steps face Mount Pleasant and Hope Street. At the bottom of a building, there is a cafe-bar, and at the top of it, there are four huge bells.

At the other end of Hop Street, there is the Anglican Cathedral. Even though it looks much more ancient, in reality, it was completed eleven years later than the Catholic Cathedral.

This work of art is among the last of the great British neo-Gothic buildings. The great work of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott deserves only admiration and praise. The cathedral is the largest in Britain and the fifth largest in the world, having the highest gothic arches in the world, the highest and largest bells.

Speke hall

Speke Hall Tudor manor house in Speke, Liverpool, England
image courtesy of article provider

Located near Liverpool Airport, 6 miles southeast of the city center, Speke Hall is one of the most beautiful examples of Elizabethan wooden architecture in the country. Built in 1530 and located in an oasis of rhododendrons, the house includes a courtyard with the correct proportions. It shines and gleams with a myriad of diamond facets. There are secret passages for priests and spies, a large number of furniture of the XVII century and Victorian era, and the ornamental gardens.

The Walker Art Gallery

Walker Gallery is located at William Brown Street – the only street in the UK where only museums, art galleries, and libraries are located. Walker’s Art Gallery is one of the largest art museums in the UK.

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To conclude

The buildings we have listed in this article are what every person keen on architecture should behold.

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside, Northwest England, United Kingdom

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