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Libyan University Buildings

Libyan Education Buildings – design by BDP, Architects

4 Jan 2008

Libyan University Architecture


New Education Buildings in Libya

Building on a decade of experience in university and college masteplanning in the UK and Ireland, BDP has won the commission to design seven new universities as part of a major programme of educational development by the ODAC (Organisation for the Development of Administrative Centres) an agency of the Libyan Government.

Libyan University Buildings design by BDP Architects

Two of the universities are located within coastal towns to the west of Tripoli and one in the mountainous area which lies 50 km to the south. The other four complexes are located within the Sahara Desert 1,000 km south of Tripoli. These will serve neighbouring communities in Libya as well as the wider regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

The design ideas are shaped around the differing climatic factors of the localities, determining strong environmental and social groupings to the buildings and public spaces.

Created as ‘variations on a theme’ the designs build on the academic plans set within the overall programme, to create a commonality and efficiency of built and special elements while bringing individual identity through response to local settings, microclimate and culture.

BDP has been commissioned on an interdisciplinary basis including masterplanning, architecture, space planning, structural and environmental engineering, sustainability, acoustics, lighting and landscape design. Infrastructure engineering is by Scott Wilson and fire engineering by Tenos.

Libyan University Buildings images / information from BDP 040108

Libyan University Building

BDP is presently also masterplanner for the universities of York, Sunderland, Birmingham City, Worcester, Anglia Ruskin, East London, Glasgow, Newport and Limerick. BDP is also masterplanning new further education colleges in Norwich, Lambeth, Brighton, Motherwell and the National College for Art, Science and Technology in Malta.

Libyan University Developments – Building Information

7 sites in total
1 in the mountains, 2 near the coast and 4 inland (Sahara)

Student populations and no. of faculties (in this initial phase though all sites have scope for further expansion):

[Location; Student No; Faculty No]

Gharyan; 6500; 8 faculties (incl. 3 existing)

Sabha; 7000; 8 faculties
Birak; 2800; 3 faculties
Marzuq; 2100; 3 faculties
Awbari; 2500; 3 faculties

Surman; 3250; 4 faculties
Zuwarah; 4250; 5 faculties

TOTAL 28,400; 14 different faculty types and related common facilities, 15,000 student residential units and 600 staff units (spread across the various sites).

Faculty Types:
IT, Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, Medical Technology, Accountancy & Economics, Natural Resources, Nursing, Literature, Engineering, Business Management.

Masterplan to RIBA Stage D+ in 6 – 8 months

Construction contract would be an international ‘turnkey’ type
Principal construction period 2008 – 10

Libya University Building images / information from BDP

Libya University Building architects : BDP

Location: Libya, North Africa

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RMJM won a contract Oct 2008 to design two university campuses in Libya:
123-acre satellite campus for the 7th of October University in Bani Walid, east of Tripoli.
222-acre campus for Al Asmariya university in Zletin, 100 miles east of Libya’s capital city.

Tripoli Congress Center Building, north west Libya
Design: Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Tripoli Congress Center Building
image from architect
Tripoli Congress Center Building

Museum Conflict Tripoli
Museum Conflict Tripoli
picture from architects
Museum Conflict Tripoli Building

Tripoli Media Cultural City
Tripoli Media Cultural City Libyan Building
picture from architects
Tripoli Media Cultural City Architecture

Bani Walid – Libyan University Library

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